Chi Chi - Dont play around MV english sub romanization hangul [1080p][HD]

Raw Video: Ups, i forgot to note down, hehe...Han n Rom: Jktasia.wordpress.comTranslation: alienjantan & YJ (thx a lot YJ XD)Timer & Typesetter: alienjantanThis is my second video which i translate myself with a little bit of help from my korean friend YJ XD on difficult vocabs. Without her i will make a serious error in translating those words and totally change the meaning of the word. I hope i don't translate anything wrong or misinterpret the meaning of the lyrics. If anyone notice anything wrong tell me.

around chi chi chi don't don't play around english english sub english subtitle hanguk hangul ko... play romanization romanji sub subtitle 장난치지마

Aamy Aamna
I came here for Lee JongSuk :D
Abc Abc
Alegi Bae
I came for Lee Jong Suk..💖 2017 anybody
Ali Mahfud
Ameira Mulvieana
lol jongsuk
Ana Sanchez
Lee Jong Suk\u003c3
Ann W
The rap's parts are good
Asha Syalba
I'm here because of Jongsuk.. :))
Atticus Denzil
I came for the rape
Miss them
Be Be
Lee Jong Suk \u003c3
Bea Santos
Soy parte del 99.9% que está aquí solo por Lee Jong Suk haha 😂 \nI'm here just for Lee Jong Suk like the 99.9% of people here 😂
Bittie's Pudding
At the time this song was released, I didn't think it's good. However, now in 2015 I look back this song, and think OMG it's so good compare with other unfamous songs now!!!
Bobby Guitar
I still bump this shit lmao. It's a shame they disbanded because they had some pretty good tracks (this is considered their worst and I love it)
Brigita Elsaddai
I came here for Chi Chi :D The song keep repeating in my mind recently~ I'm looking for the official one but.. ?
Britany Bazan Castillo
hola. Como estas. quiero seSual.
Bryan Elijah Trajano
So, they disbanded huhuhu
Chaejin uwu
It’s rlly unrespectful that everyone is talkin about Lee jongsuk here and no one is paying attention to the song or the group :// please just back off
Coelhinha Lua Hoseok LooNa Stan
Ai senhor 😂😂😂
Cosmic Aeri
Still watching this in 2016. For me, this song is very addicting to me. I can't get this song out of my head. I don't know why people hate this song. Well, everyone has their opinions, and not all is perfect. Don't hate me guys. I'm just telling that I liked this song for myself.
Cristell Santillan
lee jong suk *_* \u003c3
Diego Hernandez
Doo yolo
I think 40% of us came here cuz of jongsuk :)
Finani Finani
here i am back in 2017 hahah
Gaby Hemmings
solo vine por Lee Jong Suk XD 💖
who is the boy?
Hana A.
what is this mv omg x) anyway, jongsuk is so good looking *-*
Helen Bye Bye
I love u chi chi
Hứa Tiểu Ba
lee jong suk...........
Ikram Bel
here for lee jong suk but hey it's pretty cool tho
Inori Doki
I don't even know who Lee Jong Suk is 0.o
Ionee Lee
Wasn't one of these girls arrested for defamation?
Jeny Rai
Came here because of joongsuk oppa❤️
Jezzca Gevila
Came here for Lee Jong Suk :D Well I guess I'm not alone :D
Jose Cuervo
STILL my jam in 2017. Sucks they flopped for saying they wanted to become the next SNSD -.-
Joslenys Da Silva
Manita arriba si estás aquí solo por Lee Jong Suk kkkk♥ \nLike if you're here just for Lee Jong Suk c:
Julio Miguel
who the hell is lee sung jung jong whatever why is everyone talking about him o_0
Did they film this during an earthquake??
I hope this group will be re-united.. AND BE NO.1 \nTHEY DESERVE IT... IT IS JUST THEIR COMPANY... NO MONEY TO INVEST..
Kaewta A
Kamryn Eaves
i unironically love the song (except for maybe when the chorus pitch raised), and the doll costumes/boxes concept is cute, but Oh My God shaky cameraTM
Kryzzyl Maulas
I came here for Jong Suk, tho.
Love this song :]
Lee Lisa
Lee Jong Suk dragged me here.. hahaha.. who else??
Leoni Maretha
Come back here for jong suk..aaaa
Linda Dao
Lorna Best
omooo, Lee Jong Suk Oppa, back then ,in 2011 i didn´t know him.
I find this video bc of Soo Ha :X
Manny Barrero
I came here For Audition Latino Game :v
Is there such a word a re-band (as opposed to dis-band).\nThis group needs to reband as soon as possible.
Semi \u003c3
Minh Chi Nguyễn Ngọc
Sao Lee Jong Suk lại ở trong cái MV dở hơi này ?
Miray Umur
The song is so awful that i'm closing the sound everytime i watch that video for Jong Suk
Najwa Tahri
Lee Jongsuk \u003c3
Naomi Noxious
The shaky cam style is le horrible ;[ 
Naomi Putri
I came here for one and only Lee Jong Suk. 2017 anyone?😂
Ngoc Nguyen
Lee Jong Suk  \u003c3
Nunya Bidness
I really like this song omg
Nurana Haciyeva
Lee Jong Suk \u003c3333333
Raisha Maul
jongsuk oppa, 뭐하는거야 ?
Rasha sy
Lee jung suk ❤️😘😍
Ryam gomez ramirez
Solo vine a ver a LEE JONG SUK \u003c3
Shelv yana
Lee jongsuk 😆
Lee Jong Suk \u003c3 \u003c3
Lee Jong Suk\u003c3
here for jongsukie hehehe
Trung Nghia Tran
này thì hạ bệ....chỉ có 1 kết cục cho sự tự tin thoái quá này là tan rã\nbài hát + mv ngớ ngẩn
Tyler Fier
I came here for CHI CHI \u003c3
Tô Ngọc Đan Thanh
MV chẳng hay gì. Tôi xem nó vì có Lee Jong Suk mà thôi \u003c3
Vanyeol Lee
+Zeinab Evil ah lee jong suk ♥ wie süß er da ist ♥
Xiomara Flores
Odio esta canción, pero amo a Lee Jong Suk! Yo solo miré este video por él!! Es tan guapo, hermoso, lindo y un asombroso actor!! super talentoso.... I hate this song, but I love Lee Jong Suk! I just watched this MV for him!! He is so handsome, beautiful, cute and an amazing actor!! Super talented.
Yazmin Torres
Bueno yo solo estoy aqui por Lee Jong Suk
just because i want to see Jong suk. ^-^
amy ilmi
i like this song!!! huh why they disbaned why WHY
Did anyone else come here because of the Misheard Kpop lyrics video?
callme KC
As a SONE I am ashamed to say we destroyed this group....I remember when it happened, damn shame they could have been big
hahm hiddy
hmm mm
came here because of Jongsuk :D
watching because of jongsuk \u003c3
itary neyra
thanks my love Lee Jong Suk, because of you I listen this amazing song :3 :3 :3 who else came here because of him?
jhudy delos santos
omo ! LeeJongSuk is \u003c3 :-D
From this to Love is Energy. Progress!
is anyone else actually here because of chichi or
manager hunii noots
lee jong suk awwwwwwwwwwwww omg \ni love you jong suk
When Xiah/Shine guested on Running Man and said she debuted under Chi Chi, I was like “that’s so familiar”. Welp, I have now confirmed I know her and the group because I just started singing as soon as the first line started. Lol
this song was my guilty pleasure XD
soshi lover
OMG JONGSUK IS HEREEEEEE AND no offence this song sucks lmao
Omg lee si-a is the mother of lee byun hyun in mr sunshine
runningman anyone? lols. i remember chi chi had one of the worst MR removed video back then. cant believed one of them succeeded now. *wipe tears*
ヽ(・∀・)ノ。^‿^。(ヾ; ̄▽ ̄) ツ ヽ(・∀・)ノ。^‿^。(ヾ; ̄▽ ̄) ツ
Ах, какой Ли Чон Сок милый, моя ты детка, я бы этим девчонкам за издевательства, над тобой все косы повыдергала, Мииилый))
в ᴀ в ч в υ 은비
95% lee jong suk\n4% some other stuff\n1% actually about chichi
It's not like the mv is super low budget or anything, so you'd think they could afford a text at the end that isn't one of the default fonts for Windows Movie Maker...
Lee jong suk😍😙❤
ʚɞ ॰ॱ✧˖°』ʚɞ ॰ॱ✧˖°』ʚɞ ॰ॱ✧˖°』ʚɞ ॰ॱ✧˖°』ʚɞ ॰ॱ✧˖°』ʚɞ ॰ॱ✧˖°』ʚɞ ॰ॱ✧˖°』ʚɞ ॰ॱ✧˖°』