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Here is how to do a smokey cat eye!SUBSCRIBE!Enter code: "JACLYNVELOUR" for 15% off your total purchase!♡ ♡ ♡ CONNECT WITH ME!!!MY PO BOX301 W. Platt St #632 Tampa FL 33606INSTAGRAM:JaclynhillTWITTER:JaclynhillSNAPCHAT:JaclynrhillBusiness inquiries only:[email protected](I am no longer booking clients)♡ ♡ ♡ PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEOMorphe 25A PaletteRCMA Translucent PowderLoreal Carbon Black Mascara flutter "Intoxicating" Lashes Marc Jacobs Omega LashBRUSHESM433 - Blending BrushM506 - Small precise Blending E47 - What I use to sculpt with powderM432 - Small lower lash line definer Beauty Sponge - My favorite one at the moment* SOME links provided above are affiliate links! I am compensated based on some affiliate purchases.My channel is a fun place for people to enjoy the world of beauty! If you leave mean negative comments or resort to name calling, I will delete your comment & block you. My channel is not the place. This world is so ugly & negative & we desperately need to make a change. I cant control the world, but I can control my channel. Constructive criticism is always welcome! "you're a lying bitch" is NOT constructive ! Don't feel like you need to kiss my ass. Feel free to speak your mind but please respect each other! XOXO

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God is love❤❤❤ Pray everyday and night💫
2018 :D
Your skin is so smooth. I like your technique on eye makeup.
20mendezvaleria Unknown
i like your video. just got bored a bit because you talk a lot! i'm not a hater but i liked it good makeup just keep the talking to a minimum. thx
Alaina Seawell
Beautiful! not easy, but beautiful!
Amber Reid
So, I finally just watched my first video of yours (this one, obv.) And I am SO happy I did. That powder technique by your eyes, i feel like thats my #1 issue too and that this will help so much! I also have your morphe palette and i love it! Wish I watched your videos sooner! 💕
Amera Kashef
I just wanna see the table after using all these brushes and makeup on it😂
Anabel Hadad
I remember long long ago when I was teaching myself how to wear makeup (probably 7 years ago) people had the naked palette, the 88 neutral, etc.. I had ONE eyeshadow palette it was a too faced smokey palette in a cardboard box and a bronzer. When they said \
Angela Agosto
Ok that intro was hilarious to me...Just started watching makeup videos and they literally all have these intense accents and I started this one and was like MAN THEY ALL HAVE THIS ACCENT and then you were kidding. Haaaaaaa.
Anne Haupt
эти азиатки такие жуткие кривляки - прямо пристукнуть хочется (это я о бабце из ролика).
Annie S
Those lashes tho 😍😍
Arianna Casillas
i have watched this video so many times i can quote it to the tee, I do this tutorial at least once or twice a week, because its just so simple but turns out so beautiful everytime💕💕
Arizandy Gorrocino
At 9:24 you look like Bella Hadid!
Autumn Pruitt
Why is she getting so much hate? If she wants to wear Morphe let her wear the damn Morphe. As the brilliant Manny says, \
Ayesha Baig
maindblowing eye makeup..
Ayesha Tabby
No, Jaclyn. You did not 'create' the translucent powder (guide) trick. I've seen Sinead from The Makeup Chair do it (with a sponge) before for a winged liner.
Becca Burnand
Seriously shut up !?
Bozena K
Makeup is pretty but I just can listen her god... if she think is funny she is WRONG
Brittany Renee
Jaclyn, I just want to thank you for being you. It completely breaks my heart to see all the hate that you get for no reason. I just wanted to leave this comment in hopes you see it and smile. Four years ago I got the courage to leave an incredibly abusive relationship with my sons father. My son is my world but as much as I tried to keep a happy face on during the day, whenever he went to bed at night I'd cry myself to sleep because I felt so broken after dealing with all the crap from my ex. One night I came across your videos and you kept me smiling throughout the whole video. You're such a strong, amazing and beautifully talented person, Jaclyn. I wish I could take away all the negativity you receive because you don't deserve it. Thank you again for just being you. You helped pull me out of a deep depression and made me realize that I'm worth it. ❤❤❤
omg I love this smokey eye going to try this💖 also I subscribed
Carmen Nickels
please don't tell me I'm the only one who thought of fall out boy when she said fall out. I'm such emo trash. I'm just an emo trash landfill.
Carolina Swanson
The way you blend out the lower lash line is unreal. And those bottom lashes....👀👀👀
I get that people get annoyed with the morphe mentions by people all the time, but in all honesty the brushes really don't suck hahah I like them, especially for how cheap they are.
Cecelia Fay
You know, I think that minimal make up looks good on you. You have a really pretty face and don't need much
Chase almendarez
Tried the technique and loved it so much ! Keep doing your thing love ❤️
Christen Dominique
I LOVE THIS HAIR COLOR ON YOU BABE!!! also this look is bomb 💕
Gamercakes 1
OML you are literally the eye shadow queen I can't even do eyeliner without making me look like imin a horror movie XD
Ghadah Aziz
I'm a makeup artist and I absolutely regret buying 5 MORPHE PALETTES. The pigmentation sucks except few out of the whole palette, they do NOT last all day, and most of the shimmers need fix plus. Had to stop using them for good!\n\nI would appreciate it if Jaclyn and all these \
GirlGone Wild
I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How often I tried a smokey eye and everytime it lookes like sh***! For years!!! With this tutorial I finally managed it! The first try was so good, I think when I do it even more and learn a bit, then it will be perfect! THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!
Gisella Guerra
I love your accent:)
Hey it's Hazel
your so detailed I'm subcribeing you awesome
ItsJust Galaxy
her eyes are so pretty
Ivy Straub
You were not overwhelming you did great this is exactly what I was looking for... thank you my finishing product wasn't as good as yours but I definitely look pretty dang amazing!!
J. Mitchell
Thank you so very much for this video... love the \
These comments are funny. I came here to learn how to do a smokey cat eye. And y'all are arguing about Morphe products and what not. \n\nIdk about y'all, but I don't buy whatever products they use on the vid. I just come here strictly to learn. lol
Jazzy Sophie and Caoimhe
Jennifer Hogan
I like that. Seriously. I feel like what I like best is the lack of browbone and inner corner highlight. Thank you for sharing 😊
Jill Lynn Beauty Therapy
You are the QUEEN of eye tutorials... this is why you make the big bucks, grrrl. . ;) LOL This has got to be my all-time favorite look on you . Gorgeous!
Kaitlyn Y
Uhhh am I the only one who misses her fridge background?? 😂😂 for real I'm serious though😂
Kreston Dempsey
I'm so trying this look right now. let's pray to the makeup gods all goes well. this is my first smokey cat eye. love you!!
Kyra Dickson
Definitely am gonna try this!!
Lauren O
This video saved my life I was struggling to find the right look for semi formal but I FOUND IT HERE HELL YEAHH
Lisa love
I am a nice person but she talk to much
Maddy Mershon
This is my everyday makeup! I swear I've watched this video 15 times over the past 8 months! Whenever my makeup starts to look goofy I come back and watch this and is snaps me back everytime!
Mahum zulfiqar
she's funny af😂
Malak Shaito
Mandy R
I love Jaclyns face just bare with foundation and eyebrows and blush. Looks so fresh and young ❤
Maribel Talamantes
Need more information on the eyelashes is there a number or name all I got was intoxicating plz help love your tutorial and the results but then you are gorgeous
Melissa Schram
I use my sweatpants aaalll the time.
Moon Paints
Omg shut up and get to it
Natalia Pragić
you‘re talking to much
NotAGamePlayer Summerlin
Would this work on mature eyes that are starting to become hooded??? I love this!
You're such a cutie pie, the cutiest :***
Olivia Hohman
Can you please make an updated ride or die brushes
Orobo Ogbovoh
Sometimes I watch makeup videos because I want to learn how to do it. Then they start talking about pro airbrushes in numbers 45 and 72 and cut crease technique and baking and blending and smoking. Then I say \
Can we just talk about how beautiful Jaclyn's eye color is😍🙏🏼?
Everyone's going on about her talking too much when in fact she's only doing so to help people who are hopeless at smokey eye (aka me) so don't be going off about it because that's what makes this video AN ACTUAL GOOD HELPFUL TUTORIAL
Ranmini Wij
More like vampire eyes with those contacts . But it will look so pretty if you wore some brown contacts . Your eyes without shadows are the prettiest 😌
Rasha Maghribi
Riley W
It is so hard to keep up with her she talks to fast
Rose L.
I love it!!!
Sabine Hassan
This is the first would video I've watched from Jaclyn hill so when she first said that intro I thought your voice was like that and I was like oh that's such a different and kind of annoying voice no offense to everybody who has voice is like that but personally I was like what
Samantha Holthaus
Jaclyn this kinda video is what people mean when they say the \
Shay Beecham
jaclyn didn't use maybelline's gen liner... WHAT HAS 2017 DONE TO HER 😭
Shelly-Ann lee
great look.
Simply KayKay
I didn't have the powder so I used tape XD lol
Smithi Punna
Iv been using this technique for a while now and am obsessed with this powder trick love u Jaclyn
Snookie Beauty 1 of a kind
WOW awesome can we see more can you make a hall
Somasree Karmakar
my god! you talk to ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!
Sophie King
Sweet girl
Shout ou to people like me who uses a bronzer like an eyeshadow and for the brows 😂😂‼️
T Stanton
She has an old lady face
Tahura Alaina
U tlks too much it will not look good
Taylor Dawn
Im gonna try this look tomorrow! Youre gorgeous and your eyes are beautiful😍😍😍
Thkra chan.
but and lienr ?
Tracy Calabrese
No one has the precise and precision as you do on you tube with your makeup. Can tell makeup is your passion and want us all to perfect it also! I love this look! I may need this Morphe palette!
Truanna Becenti
I love your eye color😍😊
Vicki Lynne
Thank you so much!❤️
Have you been diagnosed with ADHD yet?
Young Qing
Ur intro made me dislike so quick :/
Yukinne Sugiura
this is the first video I've watched from you but I just had to subscribe because of how cool your personality is and you're so fun to watch xD
Zainab Aziz
her: smokey eye for dummies \nme:few Im a dummy
U r so cringy LOL
_Its_ _Maria_
Subscribed from watching the first 2 minutes of this vid
Man i like the makeup look but it was difficult to watch. You talk too much and too fast. Said OMG a million times . The lashes actually elevated this look and i don’t generally like lashes.
Finally! Lately I've been watching makeup tutorials just because they're calming to watch. This video reminded me that I used to watch these to actually do them at home. Lately gurus come up with the craziest makeup looks that take 50 brushes and products, no ordinary person would actually follow the tutorial. But this, I can totally use!!
her: smokey eye for dummies \nme:few Im a dummy
emily m
Made it 27 seconds.....Annoying af
jordan brumback
Jaclyn is there a brush I can use in place of the small blending brush that would work just as well also is there anything I could use I place of translucent powder
karine nalt
Could you do a cruelty free look?☺. I only support cruelty free brands since i saw images from Peta about animals testing. Horrible unacceptable 😭
kasturi chandra
melat getachew
Good job but v.loud and talk too much
So if this is Smokey eye for dummies I need Smokey eye for Neanderthal lol. We'll see if I can achieve this tonight
I tried it and I look like I got a beating.. how do y'all do it!!
sarah foster
My little chicheties?
stephanie ramos
Im a lost cause although i will say with my 👓 off, i look smashing lol..but then i get really close to the mirror the truth is known
syster tre
Jesus! Who the hell did the swedish translation?! Totally sucked at it.....
I think Jaclyn's at her best when she does tutorials. When she focuses on technique, tips and tricks and purely on how to do makeup, without playing up her persona for the camera. And her makeup here is great too, with the done up eyes but simple brows lips and highlight- just more subtle, real and less instagram-y.
can you do raccoon eyes next
رهف القحطاني
الي عربي لايك😙