Seductive and Smokey eye makeup tutorial

music: Naughty Boy-Think About it (Eagles For Hands Remix) Hakuhodo J5523Mac 224Mac 217Hakuhodo J004GSigma E45Sigma E30Sigma E10

600D Cosmetics (Industry) Eye (Composition) Makeup Artist (Film Company Role Or Service) Smokey (Musical Album) beauty canon eyeshadow makeup tutorial

Alessia P
OMG! I can't believe you are real! You're the most beautiful make-up tutorialist i've ever seen on YouTube!! And i think you're a good and sweet girl, too! \nKeep going, you're really talented! Good luck! ❤️\n(Obviously i'm a new subscriver ☺️)\nP.s. Love the music!!!
Alexandrea Morin
you have a very lovely eye color
Alicia Lynette
I love this look but I can’t do a winged eye for shit ! 😭😭😭😭
Aliyah J
she looks a lot like madison beer and kendall jenner
Amira Lam.
you're sooooo pretty
AnaPaula Arredondo
that is what perfect eyebrows look like. 
Anabel Morales Garcia
Mi completa admiración para ti, luces hermosa y tienes un gran talento! ! Simplemente wow! !
Angel Q
Vanessa Hudgens.
Angela Wilson
I will call u the blending goddess...
Angélica Salgado
Loved the look and the video but when i read Naughty Boy at the end I choked ..
Araceli Hernandez
Naughty boy 😂. No wonder I hated this song
Beauty Backlist
This is flawless
She is so pretty like damn 😹😹😻
Brittany Ivey
Not going to lie. I can't help but keep coming back to this video. 😍😍
Cha Riley
This is like makeup porn.
Chayenne Abels
She's perfect omg. 😍
Chic Pretty Nails
foarte frumos. big LIKE
Love the green on the lower lash line! It really brings out the brown in your eyes \u003c3
Coree Wells
you look a lot like Vanessa Hudgens
Czeska levicee Delmo sinon
She has a really beautiful eyeeeee. And brows
Denver Coyle
what brand & colour green eyeliner did you use ?? i love it 
Desiree Ledesma
she looks like Paige from WWE
Elisa Amos
You should try or start doing voice overs or talk through kind of videos! :) it's be easier to follow along and really understand what you're doing! Btw love your makeup😘
Elizabeth G
You kinda look like MAGGIE LINDEMANN
Firdaous Sita
Wow 😍 you're georgous
Waouw, stunning. You're a queen.
Gabriela Miller
Whats the green stuff on the bottom of the eye
Gianna Grieco
your freckles are absolutely adorable! i haven't noticed them until now! so cute!!
This is just straight up make up porn lol\nAnd i just had an orgasm... \n
ImJust ABanana
i did this once in grade 8 and my crush called me a sl*t for wearing to much makeup
Is Sara
You look like Vanessa Hudgens oh God!
you look like a model!
Jbaby BB
damm girl your eye brows are on fleek for days and you're pretty too..
i really like this video, im glad i found it, i just recently started doing my own videos too :)
Johana Henao
Your nose \u003c3
Josseline Dayana Moreira Matamoros
Your eyes girl are naturally seductive, you´re so lucky
Just discovered your channel and wow first thing first I dunno why I keep staring on your eyebrows (because they are perfect?? haha) ,love this tutorial your so talented wth makeup\nA french subscriber :)
Kaitlin Marie
I wonder how many people tell you you look like Vanessa Hugdens lol
Kaitlyn Kennedy
HAHAHAHA NAUGHTY BOY! great video though. literally ur so pretty and this makeup look is beautiful.
Kathy Liu
Oh my god she is so pretty!
Kiara K.
your eyebrows are perfect!! eyebrow goals
Kiersten Burdge
It's seriously unfair how stunning you are. 
KimTaehyungie _BTS
Nice eye makeup \n3:35 you kinda look like Amymarie G
Krissa Farmer
As soon as the video started I was like wow she is so beautiful
Light Just
i noticed in your videos than you really like to blend your eyeshadows perfectly.
Loved this look!!! Could you please do a how to contour video?\nxo
Lorena Arrazola
Just come back to the old times. And i'm so proud of you Diana ❤️
Luxxe Lavender
You look a natural version of kylie Jenner. Just prettier:P\n\nGreat look
Frumos, dar n-am vazut care e culoarea pe care ai folosit-o ultima. Acel albastru-turcoaz.
Madeline Garza
she has something yellow in her eye, concerns me a little
Maia Washington
You know. I thought the song was dope af.
Maria Fraser
Before I pronounce you the Queen of blending! \u003c3\n What is this name of that pencil brush you used to apply 'snubby' in the inner corners?
Maria Thelin
u make me a lesbian
Marquise Soto
more like this ☝️
Megan Rodricks
I have watched this video so many times and it still mesmerizes me \u003c3
MsVisionary Xo
Girl you bad❤️\nI love it, awesome make up, gorgeous face, great song! 😍
Naomi Corveau
Is it just me or she kinda looks like vanessa hudgens?
Nur Hidayati
you more beautiful when u used lipstick like that that bold lipstick. i'm ur fans from Indonesia
You look better here than at present!
Official Regina George
Ugh! Ur unbelievably gorgeous! Suit literally any makeup look and still look flawlessly beautiful wearing no makeup at all 😩😍😍
Paloma Rambault
Whats the name of the color she uses at the end ? the one she puts under the eye
Paula M
Paøla Sandoval
I loved it! Greetings from Venezuela ♥
Your eye makeup tutorials make me love my brown eyes. That may seem weird, but I've never loved my eye colour until I started watching your videos! Vegan love girl \u003c3
Rin Snow
Dang you are amazing at applying eyeliner
S.A Impavido
Ooh myyy gooood I've never seen someone so blessed with such nice looking eyebrows. \u003c3
Salma Abdi
she looks better than any super model 😍💜💜
Samia Manel
At first I REALLY thought you were Vanessa Hudgens, beautiful!
Sarah De Kok
did you wear fake lashes on the end ?
Sarixs _
This is art
Scarlet Jonny
omg , her eyes are goals she is sooooo pretty
Shirley Dayne Vincoy
39 dislikes? Really? They dont have eyes.
Sophia Hassan
You are amazing! I love your videos! Glad i found your channel!
Supreme Commander
I can only dream of having your face...
Ta Sam
do you have any foundation or powder? 
Trinity Martinez
Can you do an eyebrow tutorial? I always find myself looking at them and saying damn I wish mine were that beautiful.
Trish Powell
can those eyebrows get anymore perfect 😍😍
Valeria Pirri
Really amazing make up!! But what kind of light are you using?? It's really natural!
Yaiza Garcia
youre a god in this video
amaya rose
0:15 when ur teacher gives you homework on the first day of school
annisaa Shuaith
As always a beauty
FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP\ni come here to fap :3
destiny muniz
I love how you don't cover up your natural skin I love seeing freckles pop through and it looks so beautiful & natural 😍
Yes, can you please do a tutorial on eyebrows? Yours are always done and always perfect!!! I always struggle with mine.. Ughhh.. The makeup is beautiful but without perfect eyebrows, it doesn't look put together like your looks!!
مرااا يعجبني لما تحط تحت عينهاا لووووون احسسسه يطلع يجننننننن\namazing! 
you're so pretty, i would literally pay you to do my makeup.
hmm inter ESTING
I just did this because i was really bored and had nothing to do and girl...i look badass af, this look is so pretty. but i'm not going anywhere i'm crying because i don't want to wipe it off
How are you not a model like seriously you're gorgeous!
iluvbeauty27 davis
your so pretty u remind me kendell jenner your gorgeous
jocelyn sifuentes
you would look so good with a septum ring !
you could smear nutella all over your eye , blend it and look fabulous af
kimberly schewe
Your eyebrows actually turn me on
I hit the like button even before the tutorial begins, just because you are stunning!!
movies and series buffs
you look like Rachel Bilson, good tutorial, thanks :)
This song is my boyfriends! He's very flattered you used it in this vid, and I think the makeup is gorgeous :)
Woah so talented. Out of all the tutorials for the nude tude palette this one is my favorite and convinced me to buy it :D also subscribed!!!
tamika payash
you should be a model
This is so great! Got your self a new subbie!! :D I hope you can do an Aria from Pretty Little Liars make-up, I think you can pull it off really easy! xx
i LOVE how you do your winged liner! honestly, it's insanely perfect!