Noisevox - Moby Interview: Part 6 of 6

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MobyInterviewPlay: A Decade Later---About this show:Noisemakers on Noisevox marks the return of substantive sit downs with the most important artists in music today, from the world of indie rock and beyond. Appearing weekly at, Noisemakers is hosted by veteran music journalist John Norris, who engages musicians in conversation about influences, inspiration, creation, and content. Says Norris, "I've been around long enough to remember when music news actually meant something. I still believe in the importance of interviews, and I am hoping music fans do as well." 20-second sound bites, it aint. So double up on the Adderall - as Noisemakers on Noisevox brings back the art of the interview.

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I've just realized what a great, valuable person this guy is... :) Sometimes he might sound a like his airs are a bit too artsy, (at least for my ears; in a want-to-be-artsy sort of way), but for most of the time, he's sincere, -maybe he doesn't even realize he's doing it- open, sensitive, intelligent and level-headed. A very cool combination in my opinion. :D
Carlos Leite
if it wasnt for play, i wouldnt be here.
Dvojitej Chleba
Moby ftw
Rachelle Briggs
Cheers for a wonderful interview!!! :)