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HEY FRIENDS HOPE YOU ENJOY! Posting new videos every week! Don't forget to subscribe so you can be notified when I post videos! For Business Inquiries please contact [email protected] with "sonjdradeluxe" in the subject lineHey everybody! My name is Sonjdra and I'm a Makeup Artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. I love doing dramatic makeup tutorials with bold colors, traveling, and spreading positivity and love to all you beautiful people! I like to think of makeup as decoration and self-appreciation. In my mind, I have to be able to love myself in order to spend the time decorating myself with makeup. My videos are all about having fun and playing with the artistry of makeup. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy, stay pretty and love yourselfxx SonjdradeluxeFTC: Some of these links are affiliate links which I make a small commission percentage through. You do not have to use these links, but if you would like to support me in that way you're welcome to! I do not endorse products or brands that I do not wholly support and believe in the quality of.


Adia C
Im jelly! Lol, you're so pretty and your makeup is ALWAYS 100! Glad I subbed!
Alejandra Hernandez
Totally love your skin color ❤️❤️ blessings beautiful, thank you for shearing your art. 💋
Alex Chaudoir
Can we talk about how your face is just the perfect blend of feline beauty with supermodel face ! I don't even make sense right now but like .... I just can't even ... U are perfection ! 😢😢😍😍😍😍😍
Alexandria Nichole
You are the most creative MUA I have come across on YT. It seems like everyone does the same type of look, just with different colors. You are completely different and original and I love it!
Alyssa villanueva
in the middle of this video my sexuality changed, you are so beautiful
Amy al
Black hair and grey eyes are definitely my favorite on you \nEven with rashes which I didn't notice you're flawless
Ash Lee
I love your voice!!! Lol gorgeous tutorial!
Omg! I love this Look..very easy and quick to do! Thank you so much for the makeup tutorials and Tips. Love your highlight and contouring! I say that all the time but it's true. Just Flawless every time. Can we see a Christmas Holiday eye and lip tutorial!
Why are you one of the most gorgeous women in YouTube?! Girl crush!
Carla C
i usually hate contacts... but those are amazing on you!!
Catarina Galindo
la tua lente a contatto quale use?
Charlotte Faraci
such a babe!
Che Che
Alrighty people who want to know her contacts. I decided to read her description and saw Fresh Look Sterling Grey. Can some of yall not see it?
Chloe Rezaee
You are beyond beautiful. Like it is not even funny how stunning you are. Absolutely love all your videos. Much love from you devoted fan/ subscriber \u003c3 xo
Claudia M
I totally appreciate the level of your artistry, as it is so clear you know exactly what you're doing. But your sexiness also makes my brain malfunction in a way that has nothing to do with art.
You're so gorgeous I can't!! 👌😍😍So glad I found your channel!!! Can I ask what brush were you using to get that crisp wing on your outer & inner corners?? Thanks doll!!
Coûrtney Chäntēll
The contacts, the hair, the eyebrows, the nose contour, lip piercing....gahhh just everything is amazing
DSBM blade
really like colours you used cause it maches your tan. i personally use kinda more cool tones cause im pale but i really like how those looks on you. ☺
Delphina Citro
OMG your makeup is AMAZING you are so talented and gorgeous . Can you please do a full face makeup that would me amazing . I would totally do this makeup tonight haah u are great xo!
Denise Williams
Just found you.. And I am OBSESSED😩😩😩
E. T
i love you T_T every time i try to recreate a look you made i and up rocking the look and getting so many complements ! ! thanks to you i feel great and flawless \u003c3
Elicia Aragon
Don't wanna sound like a stalker lol...but I just recently found your channel and I am obsessed lol! You are amazing!! and not to mention hilarious...girl I need to learn your tricks so I can smeyez w/o trying lol! I love the authenticity of your looks :D xoxo
Elizabeth Montes
You are a doll, Love your vids 👍✨💗
Erica Starr
im so tired of your ass being so freaking gorgeous !!
Faby Fent
Love it! Can you do a video on your hair?
Fendi Laken
those lenses are so pretty! :)
Gabriela Franco Torres-Calderón
Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Cara Delevigne?
You DONE DONE IT AGAIN!! In my grand momma voice….lol!!!!! GREAT JOB:)))
You are beautiful!!! I saw you on Instagram and didn't even think you were real! Im so happy you are and you have a youtube channel!
Jaynesia Johnson
Love your tutorials! You are so gorgeous! Thank you for your videos, very inspiring! Stay beautiful love!
Seriously! This is the best look I'm So going to wear this next time I go out! And I need some of those contacts\u003c333
Jessica Rose
all you had to do was put on the black eyeliner/1st step and you already looked fierce and ready to go out!  You are SO pretty!
Jesus Christ is the only way
youre so beautiful O_o
Jordan Bone
wow you're so gorgeous! your eye shape is perfect!! X
Julissa Hernandez
Absolutely love this makeup look on you , You're so Beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍
Kaila Lewis
Have you ever worn lashes under your lash line? \nLiterally changes your life.
Karina Gonzalez
These contacts on you yass!
i like how u just throw makeup on with no type of effort I thought I was the only one that did it lol 
Laura Andrea
You're awesome! I absolutely love all your tutorials. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with us! Love from Argentina
Laura Navasardyan
Love this look
Lexus McCoy
UGH you are sooooo sickening. You really are the most gorgeous person i've ever seen in my life!!! It's insane lol
Linda Talks Beautique
I love your attitude! You're so cool gurl! And I is loving your place! Great tutorial
Lisa Billson
I love the new Anastasia eyeshadows! They are so great! The pigmentation, how blendable they are; everything is so good.\nLove the makeup and the contacts!
OMG, you're so F*CKING BEAUTIFUL!!!!! so perfect, I'm mesmerized by you!!! \u003c3
Love the simplicity of the steps. Would love to see your take on smokey looks that incorporate color
LuLu Renee
I just want to gaze upon your beauty. You are seriously literal perfection. \ufeff
She is soo pretty I love her always making me laugh out loud.
MakeUp Lover
Pressed LIKE even before this video started! Haha.. Loveeee ur makeup, as always! Always excited to watch all ur videos, girl! Love ya
Mariah Greer
i wish you could come to my house and be my bff and do my makeup everyday...that would be great!!! #youareGORG!!!
Martha Andrada
You are everything!
Megan Swann
You are so perfect 😍are you a model? If not you should be, I know you'll make it far😘 love ya!
Melanin Beauty
Your personality is amazing 😩
Miriah Cruz
So unorthodoxly beautiful. Perfection.
Monisha Daryanani
You are just so pretty! Love watching you, your eyes and your beautiful face. Thank you girl!
Moon over Bourbon street
Love this make up! You look great with any make-up,(even with no make up you still glow girl) but this i just love on you! Kisses
Mourafik Rim
j'adoooooore ton style vraiment ! you are so beautiful sister ;)
Nadica Milosavljevic
You are so beautiful and sweet! Real doll. :) Love your tutorials :)
Natalies Outlet
Yup .. still smizing ^_^
You are so beautiful. I could watch your tutorials all day 😍
Naty Shi
Snatched!!! Amazing look
Nayo Tayo
I'm just waiting for you to blow up, the right person is going to see these videos & how beautiful, talented & likeable you are. \nYou seriously can make it.
This is my first time watching one of your videos and let me tell you this, I didn't like it....I LOVED IT...!!!\nYou're perfection, you're stunning, you're gorgeous..!!! \n💜💜💜💜
You are absolutely gorgeous girl! Keep up the good work!
DAAAYYYUUM!! Coming from a gay guy.....\
Raven Gabrielle
You look like the fiercest cat in the world! I think it's your nose contour and the shape of your eyes! I agree with most of the comments below. .. you're beautiful, your voice is soothing, your view of the city is an unexpected surprise, and your skills are on point! Your placement of shadows and highlight are wonderfully unique and your looks aren't reminiscent of anything else here on Youtube! Your channel is refreshing! In other words you the bomb girl!!
Rida Bade
i normally get bored of make-up tut's but i watched this without even skipping. loved it. Can't wait to try this x #newsubbie
Runa Kanom
Love Love Love this! 😍😍😍
Sabrina Cecchin
OH. MY. GOD. You are the most beautiful human being I ve ever seen. I'm not even joking.
Sabrina D.
What contacts are you wearing!?!? 😍👌
not only are you drop dead gorgeous but my gosh your view of the city behind you? perfect!
Shabnam Khan
Omg its 4 oclock in the morning and i cnt stop wstching ur videos. Love you work and omg you cause u r so real. And loved how u rushed to finish the look before sun goes down. Lol
I love this look
Simply Shanalee
Omg so gorgeoussss !
Steph Willis
How am I just finding your channel?! You are absolutely stunning!!
Stine Lund
OMG! I love this look!! I've watched this video about 30 times now.. Amazing :) You are SOOO beautiful!
Tanees Ahmad
do you realize how beautiful you are... i dont think so.
Taryn Hines
I love all your videos 😍😍😍 can you please tell me where you got your lighting from or what its called
Taylor Shymanski - Beauty Vlogger ♡
so prettyyyyy. you are flawless 😍
Ulima-Erin Carrucan
You're perfect, love your makeup tutorials 🙊
Your voice is so relaxing to me is it weird
alanna hatcher
so happy i came across your beauty channel! you are beautiful and i love your taste and creation in makeup, keep it up girl :)
Im a new subbie, im so in love with your hairstyle on you its just \
I absolutely love your face. You are stunning and your makeup skills are amazing! Please keep making your videos! 
Seriously you are the pretties thing I've ever seen. Stop.
Beautiful....great video
jennifer martinez
Where did you get your colored contacts? :) and what color?! Love theeeem
jesica carrizal
wow your freakin gorgeous!!! My Inspiration no lie (: 
i love youuuuuuuuuu
Hi, I know it's says for clubbing, but I'm so doing this for my wedding whenever the hell it happens, just what I want for that day!!! LOVE YOU!
karma darkside
Girl u knw what ya doin plz tel me wer did u get those contacts frm?😉
kat r
I don't know hoe I've never seen your videos. You're gorgeous and you have a dope style 😍 bless
Flawless!!! Please do a get ready with me video.
lianne x
I love how your contour, highlight and brows are next level intense but you just manage to make it look so... delicious 😂 That's the only way I can describe it! Loveeeee the look on you, gorgeous. 💕
nami onuma
I Love You!!! Obsessed with with your videos;)
you're so Goddamn gorgeous! ❤️ You go girl
I really hope big things start coming your way. In fact, I feel like there's something major in store for you. I don't know where you'd like YouTube to take you but I can't wait to see what's in your future!
q8 mj
I love this look