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HEY LOVES!Welcome back to my channel! I created a black/brown smokey eye...enjoy!Please like, comment, and subscribe! Follow me!Instagram: aleexxandraaaTwitter: aleexxandraaa_

#black #brown #glam #smokeyeye 39A blend iMovie morphe

Blake Michaelz
OH MY GOD UR SO GORG MY SIS! I posted a tutorial as well and if you could check it out that would be so greatly appreciated! much love sis! xx subbed!
Denisse S
pretty 😍 nice tutorial 😊 & which contacts are those? 🙂
Dorothy S.
What color are your lips??
Giselle Claustro
What camera do you use? Love the look😻
Ibiza Tur
Oh my gosh , you're so gorgeous ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Itzel Parra
Gorgeous makeup! Really makes you eye color stand out! 🔥
I noticed a lot of gurus don’t use lip liner. Is it out of style????? Is it just something moms dooo lol
Lisa Marie Lee
Can you please tell me what lashes you are using 😍
Lorena Rosales
What's the name of ur contacts?
Melissa Silerio
Beautiful but I think you should get closer to the camera 😘
Miimerz919 MUA
Where are your lashes from?
Monica Aguilera
Yasssss. Give them shade!
Ms. Ezmirelda
Nayomi Ochoa
Paula Jurado
love this so much ❤️
maybe give rameses b credit for the music you used? no? lol ok
Vanessa Benitez
What pallet are you using?
annaliese juliette
great tutorial 😍
kiki photograph
Hey can u write the makeup stuff you buy for we can know what to get and it will be nice and helpful 😄😄
sa!nts_n_s!nners !
Simply perfection. 👌