Alizbar AnnSannat "Фея мармеладной страны"

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Концерт в Камерном зале Костромского губернского симфонического оркестраКОСТРОМА 19 декабря. Концерт "Кельтские легенды на праздник Йоль"Ирина Карасева - Вокал , автор стихов Alizbar -guitar Александр Самодум - harp-guitarАнна Батурова- glockenspiel, вибротон Андрей Самойлов -КонтрабасFairy of fruit-jelly countryEveline fairy tale In the yard, on the playgroundI rode a blue horse,I pulled its ear:“Are you really a magic friend?”I dream that I can turn into a fairy in my birthday,And in a moment I will be in a fruit-jelly country.”I said my wish to the horse,And skipped along to my house.I suddenly saw a postman go to me and say: “Good-evening!” And he presents me a big birthday card with a cordial smile on his face, And he says “Put it in your book and read it in your birthday, my dear.”I hid this card in my fairytales, between “Cinderalla” and “Zlatovlaska”, I waited and counted minutes, even stopped playing with my dolls.I woke up in my birthday, yawned, and opened my birthday card, and I was so happy to read “Welcome to Fruit-jelly country!”Suddenly my bed swung with a squeak and turned into a big tulip,And unusual beautiful garden appeared instead of my small nursery.All the plants in this garden were made of fruit-jelly.Small butterflies whirled over them in the dance.Fruit-jelly nightingales were singing on the branches of fruit-jelly trees.Fruit-jelly yellow cat, purring, was rubbing against my legs.And then I saw a castle made of coloured fruit-jelly bricks.Little bells jingled inside and the doors opened friendly.Little people in fairy sharp hats met me, They let me have raspberry cake with fantastic fruit-jelly.They gave me a fairy dress and I learned to fly immediately.It was so funny!I became a fairy in a magic country!I woke up because of my mom’s voice: “Happy Birthday, my sweety! Have you flown in your dreams today?You were growing up in your dreams, my dear.”I thought over and was upset, As magic was only in my dreams…But when I unclasped my hand,There was a fruit-jelly cat sleeping in it!

Alizbar Celtic harp Harptherapy SPB a... array mbira elf fairy music hang irish Кельтская музыка Элизбар Эльфы арфа арфотерапия эльфийская музыка

Aljona Marten
просто чудненько и по волшебному прекрасно
Великолепно, завораживающе, волшебно! Ирина - фея!
DIMA 1965
Какие чудесные аккорды! Прямо как у Nazareth. Спасибо Ализбар! Чудесный состав. Милый и нежный вокал Ирины.
Den141078 K
оочень интересно! Благодарю.
Mitya Mtf
Natalia Hrabrova
Oksana Shalygina
Какая прелесть! Спасибо!
What a nice song!!
sofi tv
как можно поставить 👎
Алексей Воронов
Ирина, Браво!!!)))
ольга бычкова
Ну у кого рука поворачивается ставить дизлайк?
ольга зарицкая
паночка. акчонап
Мне жалко людей , у которых поднимается рука поставить диз . Это бездушные сухие люди , он не живут а мучаются ... . Ребятки , а Вам низкий поклон и божьей милости !!!