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5 Minute Super Easy Smokey Eye using only 1 eyeshadow! This look is perfect for beginners or for anyone really. This is my go-to look because it's quick and easy and looks totally glam. I'm so happy to be back filming. I've missed you guys. I'm excited to announce that I've moved to a new apartment so fresh beginnings! Can't wait to read all your comments. Be sure to let me know some name ideas for the Makeup Travel videos! Thumbs up if you liked this video! Find me on Instagram @Eman ___If you made it this far, yay!! Welcome to my channel. I'm Eman :) I'm a professional makeup artist. I love doing beauty videos on my YouTube channel EmanMakeup. Everything from beauty tips, how-tos, favorites, tutorials, natural makeup, smokey eyes, celebrity makeup, product reviews, and giveaways. I love using lots of different brands like Makeup Forever, MAC, NYX and lots more. I like to mix it up and use high-end makeup and affordable drugstore makeup. But my channel is more than just a beauty channel. I also love to do other videos like exercise videos, healthy recipes, travel videos and I like to vlog. So thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy them!!! xoxo___❤ Lets please keep this a place of positivity. Good Vibes Only. Negative comments will be deleted.

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Call it Emanadventures
Allison schild
missed you!! congrats on everything!!!!
Andreal Culpepper
Love this ! Bravo👏
Anna D
You're so beautiful and your make up is amazing . U give awesome tips . Thank you so much ❤️
Arely Rubi
Call them glamcations!
BEL BEY Oumayma
hiiii ❤❤❤❤
Camila Elise
Omg what about #BeautyDiaries ??
What about EmanEscapes? Wow gorgeous looook as always! I will def try it! Kisses
Chana Deutsch
What skin type do you have and what fan brush were you using?\nI love your videos!\nCan you do more tips and tricks videos and what I eat in a day/ workout videos
Charlyn Dorias Galita
Gorgeous 🌷love this classy make up
Cindy Ijiran
Yes pls! Wanted to c the vlog w #mabelline
Dalva O'Connell
Yes do a video with Mabeline video if you have time!!! Xoxo your the best!!
Daniela Hochmuth
Hi Eman, I would like to see a tutorial about the Make up Look that you wear in the Video from your Maybelline Weekend at the Fotoshoot. I'm looking for a natural rose Look for the Spring/Summer. You are great and I like your work. Greetings from Germany.
Daphne Flores
You’re inner light is so very bright Eman. ❤️
E Mag
Can’t wait to see the tour of your new place! Always great videos 💞
Elif Ceren
10:52 did you put glitter on center of your eyelid? it looks different than the previous clip
Emmy Bear
You’re awesome but I’m not trying to be rude but I watched your video to find out how to do something and I find that you were talking to much than doing what you made the video for. Otherwise you’re amazing ♥️♥️
Felicity Urselmann
really gorgeous look
Ginny Harrison
Makeup emancipation
Glitter Trinity
Griselda Jaime
Absolutely beautiful. I’ll be trying this look very soon. I hope I look as beautiful as you do.
Gurbinder Toor
That’s nice Eman that you did a one eye shadow tutorial. But when the eye shadow is $65 it kinda defeats the purpose. Maybe use makeup that most people can afford especially if it’s just one eye shadow can you pick one that’s not $65 or at least give us a dupe for it. Thanks!
Heidi Valderrama
Beauty EMANcipation
Ida Centineo
You are soooooo beautiful!!!!
You could call them \
Jack g
Eman! Great video! Thank you. Im interested in trying out that foundation But I need to figure out how to pick the right shade for me when they dont have samples out for you to try at the pharmacy???? Help please...😉💄
Jenna Astings
Very elegant as usual. Keep talking in Celsius for us Europeans and the rest of the world 🌍 😊
Jenny Park
Eman--thanks for posting the eye-shadow palatte top 5---I want to go with smashbox but first I will check out this \
Karin Salomon
I absolutely love your videos, your voice is so calming and soothing 😂 and looks always on point! Love you Eman ♡♡♡
Kimberly Deline
How about “Embark with Eman”? You need to edit a cool montage intro of you departing to via car, plane, etc to your destinations!
This doesn't help bc you have to have a very specific eye shape for it to look like this.
Kix Santos
you're so pretty :)
Konstantina Ntina
I wish you health and hapiness girl! Greetings from Greece😍
Liran Spigiel
A little late hahahaha but you can call the series \
Lorena Rodríguez
I love you hair in this video, how did you do it?? I want a tutorial, please :)\n\nAs always your makeup is stunning\n\nKisses from spain
Luana Salles Couto
Starts in 4:30
Maria Clara Novoa
Hey Eman! Could you please recreate the amazing look you had on the Maybelline weekend ? Please??
Maria Mendoza
Beauty EMANscapades!
Maricela Guajardo
Beauty Eden with Eman!!
Marni Zavaleta
I do exactly the same look with Maybelline's Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow pots... especially love with 'Bad to the Bronze', 'Chocolate Suede' (darker smoky eye) & there's a lovely pink I can't remember the name of. They are a bit shimmery but not glittery & they can blend out through the crease like this one. There are also matte shades that I've used in crease & outer v but not tried this application for them. Don't see why they wouldn't work for a matte smoky eye. They also make a great base for a powder shimmer on top.
Maya Cabang
Name ideas... Eman-ventures? Holi-slays? lol
Meghan Victoria
This look is so gorgeous!! So simple and effective and ugh I just love it !!!!! 🔥😍😍😍😍
Mikki Leon
Yes Yes Yes Please❣️Do everything you asked if were interested in seeing, my answer is yes please
Miss Miss
Did you know that Maybelline test on animals - look into some cruelty free products. Its really awful - I love your videos but im sad you work with these types of brands :(
Monica Guzman
Emans's Excursions is a great title!!!
Nancy Rojas
“5-minute Smokey eye”, video is 20 mins long 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nancy Soliman
Hello dear i like your videos but you have to help us find cheaper dupes for star products like for this video the TF cream eyeshadow 🙏 luv u 🤩
Naomi V_d_V
i always have the feeling when i do smokey eyes my skin is too white for it xd
Natalie Caine
20 min vid for a 5 min eyeshadow look?
Natasha Tsang
I love dvsn!! :)
Naturally Beautiful
I love ❤️ this look EMAN realy enjoy watching ur videos u are beautiful
Nelle Lee
can't wait to see the apartment tour!! :) wish you all the best eman! enjoy the new chapter in your life :))))
Nicole Lente
Love the look Eman, and it looked so easy......I would love to see a video of your Maybelline Trip and any other trips you take......I love Roxette as well so I’d love to see more collaborations with the two of you as well. Thanks Eman xxxxxx
Ninon Rt
I love this makeup !! 😍
Nur Husein
youre talking toooo much😣
Nusnus Qudah
Hi Eman I am so happy for you ... so excited for the new apartment ... greetings and love from Jordan ♡♥♡
Ok Bye
Btw for the new series maybe #beravel / #beauravel (beauty and travel) or literally #beetravel and put a little flawless beyonce in there
Patricia Martinez
Es igual que Adriana Lima
Pleurat Afrim
You always give us beautiful make up tutorials....your voice is so calm and smooth....I would like to know are you a Muslim girl..without any offence😇😊....because I also am muslim....just wondering....love u babe👼❤💋💞...
Presley Jewell
You remind me of Gal Gadot!
Rachel Moore
How about \
Randi Huckabee
You could always call them “E-venture blogs”
Roch D
A great dupe for this is the ELF smudge pot cream eyeshadow! Been using the same $3 pot for an embarrassing number of years because it is THAT pigmented lol. So a little goes a long way!
Rosie G.
Girl, your stunning without makeup. Can't wait to see your apartment. Much love 😊
Sa bi
you are my favourite make up artist, I've learned so much from you 😚❤
Samra Bendjebbour
Aaahhh you can call them 💕BEAUTYCATION💕WHAT YOU YHINK???
Sarah Enamul Haque
yes Eman, pls share your videos of the Maybelline trip. thankss.....
ShaRae Burr
Hi lovely stranger... Missed you. 💓💓💓
Shanya Virasinghe
Love this look! Love that you’re back! I’ve missed seeing your beautiful smile! You’ve had such a challenging couple of months and you’ve dealt with everything with such grace despite your pain, it is so lovely to hear you’ve been enjoying your new apartment and makeup travel experiences. You totally deserve some fun! Have a super night out and keep the tutorials coming!Maybe call your make up travel series ‘Make-ends’ for makeup weekends;\nOR ‘Eman’s Makeations’ OR ‘Makeup Travels’ OR ‘Destination Makeup’\n😊💕
Shauna Carson
The Jordana cream shadow is a total dupe and is awesome!! I think the shade is bronze dusk or something like that...it is like $4 I wear it all the time and it rocks.
Shiza akif
Whts about BEAUTYvanture!!
Eman Voyage!
Have you tried the NYX primer oil? I was just wondering if you have your thoughts on it. I've heard it's a dupe for the smashbox primer oil. Love you Btw 😊
Tali Hanoch
A littel bit of EMANgination and it's as if you are with me on location
Tasnuva Ahmed Esha
a prfect tutorial
Tatiana O.
Your skin always ends up looking amazing in your tutorials but I notice you are one of the few makeup artists on YouTube that does not go darker with your foundation. (Teni, Desi etc. all go darker to match their bodies) can you let us know your thoughts on that?
Teresa Miró
Wow I'm so early! Hey Eman! How are you doing? kisses from barcelona!! :)
Tharushni Krishnan
You are so beautiful, makeup looks amazing on you and i love how simple your tutorials are ♥️ you are definitely my favorite 😘😘
Ts’estacilaexde Izdaa
I don’t like it when you haven’t tried the product. I guess I’m waiting for the Smokey eye tutorial.
Valeria Citera
Can someone please tell this woman that she's soo beautiful!! She looks like Adriana Lima so much!😍😍
Vanessa M
Early! Hi Eman!
Vanessa Villalobos
So glad to have you back, can you keep doing updates on health and wellness it’s refreshing to know that if you have struggles and I love the advice you give back. Hope 2018 is a better year for you.
Wiam J
Your lashes look longer than ever!!
Yary Mendez
Zyoona Zyoon
You are beautiful without makeup
Eman's Beauty-Cation
Eman's Beauty Escapes....or just Eman's Escapes! Also I love this easy look. Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks are great for this type of look!
Eman, do you use your beauty blender dry or wet?\nWhenever I use it dry it soaks tons of product, but when I use it damp I feel like it waters my foundation or changes its texture (maybe it's just my impression)...Any tips?
joanne peik
Perfect!!!! Keep going my girl!! I'm supporting you from Greece!! ❤ ❤
kate jiannacopoulos
I found the perfect dupe for the Tom Ford cream shadow!! Mary Kay cream eye shadow in Iced Cocoa. $14!!
Ahhh missed you! I'm so happy that you're settled in a new place. It looks so beautiful, judging from your IG stories! Ugh, that Tom Ford shadow blends like a dream! 😍 Also, your natural lashes look so gorgeous. #peepthatGrandeLash 😉
litchi Shen
more collab with Roxette,pls!love that one
Good Lord you are gorgeous 😍😍😍 all your new looks turn out to be my favorite ❤❤❤
reem mohamed
You talks alot ☹️ start of the tutorial 8:00
sajedha ✨
what are dupes for the tom ford eyeshadow and eyeshadow cream?
snehal nandagawli
Just one word - STUNNING ❤❤❤ \nI love Shay as well..