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Hello loves :) first off, Thank you SO MUCH for subscribing | | to my channel! I love you all so dearly :) Here is an easy smokey cat eye makeup tutorial. It helps elongate the eye and gives a sexy and defined makeup look. It's easy to create a beautiful effect, and you don't need to be precise. This is a good makeup tutorial for beginners too!follow my instagram if you want to see pictures of upcoming makeup [email protected] USED:select cover up NW25scotch tapetypographic e/swedge e/scarbon e/ssmolder eye pencilmaybelline eye studio gel liner in blackest blackred cherry lashes #43embark e/sMaybelline illegal length mascarabanana powderMakeup forever HD foundation #123MAC satinfinish foundation in NC42give me sun bronzerpeaches blushsoft and gentle highlightrevlon colorburst lipstick in soft nudeNYX lipgloss in sugar pie -----Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on YouTube. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.

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Addy Muñoz
Jaclyn Hill from 2012 to Jaclyn Hill 2016. This video shows how young and talented she is to where she is now! I love going through the older videos
Alex Opal
I remember watching this Yearsssss ago never knew it was Jaclyn Hill until now.
Alicia Luchini
who else is watching in 2017?
Alison Loughery
This is still my go to favourite Jacylin Hill video 😍😍😍😍😍😍
AlyssaGray Cushman
Watching in 2018
Andrina Yago
Baby Jaclyn
Angela Alay
Am I the only one who thinks she looked so innocent and cute???? Now she looks more mature and beautiful
Ashley Wiseman-Clevenger
2018 where you at?! The first video that had me hooked on JH.
Beverly Feaster
BACK IN 2018! \u003c3
Brittany Turner
I remember this was one of the first videos I ever watched of yours and then I was hooked!! Look at you now at 3 million!!! So proud of you Jac! It's cute how subtle you would apply your highlight compared to now! Both ways looks gorgeous of course though! Love you boo!! Keep slayin! #snapchatfam 😘😘❤️❤️❤️ not sure if you'll see this but oh well! Thought I'd at least try!
this was honestly the first makeup video I had ever watched and the one that started my addiction
Brooke Welsh
you are absolutely gorgeous !!!
Bruno Sodré
Those days was only MAC eyeshadows, so funny!
Carmen Iga
JH please remake this video!!! This is my favorite look for date night. I would love to see how awesome this would be with better lighting and what new drugstore and name brand products you'd use.!!! Please, please, please remake this video specially now that you're back to dark hair, I mean you just GOTTA!! 😁😘💜
Courtney B
Uh it’s so nice not to hear her say “coupon code” in her video
When a video goes viral, expect shit from people who don't know anything about makeup but still bash it
Daiza Paulino
How was that her knee
Diana Torres
I tried this look and came out perfect the first time. I'm head over heels for this look. Anyway, I used NYX's smokey eye palette and their colors are so pigmented, everyone should try!!!
Duky Dicky
i miss this Jaclyn
Elizabeth Gregory
Whos watching in 2017? Freaking love you Jaclyn
you do a better smokey eye drunk than I do sober :(
Who else is watching in 2017? \u003c3
Erin MacPherson
Funny - I found you (Jaclyn Hill) because of your recent videos - but I looked right back to the ones in the beginning, and I have to admit I like these a little better.  You're still a great makeup vlogger  but in the most recent ones, you're so \
crazy how she doesn't touch her mac shadows now
When she was putting on concealer I was waiting for her to use a damp beauty sponge 😂😭
Hi, i saw you´re video, and i saw at the 3:25 minute a person who walked behind you..and i want to know if someone lives or was with you, in the moment that you made the tutorial.
Imke Pijpaert
someone in 2018??
I'm absolutely a ditz when it comes to eyeshadow, yet your video worked for me! I was shocked that my eyes came out so well! I'm gonna look fierce with these eyes and want to thank you so much for the help!
Jacqueline Moore
I have an interview with MAC tomorrow so I had to watch some vintage Jaclyn 😋 using this as inspo for my look tomorrow!
Jenna S
I think the color of your eyes really makes the makeup look even more sultry and amazing looking.
Judie Laraque
I remember watching this when is was like 13 or 14 learning how to do makeup
Kaitlyn Lagos
this video is 3 years old and Jaclyn hasn't changed one bit! only thing that has is her setup, so improved, so proud to see her have made it so far
Kaitlyn Yamane
Love going back and watching your old videos.
Katee Larsen
Question, can you still get the same look if you use translucent powered instead of the scotch tape? or will the translucent powder not give you as sharp of a line? Thanks for the video Jaclyn!!
Kaycee Smith
you should do a re make of this video :) I still remember this being one of the first tutorials I ever watched, you've come so far Jaclyn x
When I try this I look like I have a weird eye disease or I got punched in the eye
Kendall Gagne
you should recreate this with new techniques you have and new products
Kimberley Sellman
The video that started my obsession with Jaclyn 😍😂
Kiss Life Hello KLH
For those of you out there with any kind of acne or scarring, let me reassure you, you are still beautiful! You are sexy, you are one of a kind! Don't ever believe anything differently! I'm not implying that this video says otherwise but just want to encourage my fellow acne sufferers. Acne affects everyone differently. .♥
I tried this and now i look like fester from the addams family
Kristy lynn
La Donna Hightower
Back in the day...
Lacey Marie
first video i watched of you & i love you 3 years later
Lacoste Bella
Somebody from 2018?
Laura Peñaloza
Inclusive white person before it became a trend.
Lauren Combs
Hey Jaclyn, I love this look! Have you re-created this recently? Or can you do an updated video on a similar look? I'd like to see how you do it now four years later. Love you girly!
Leonila Ortiz
So beautiful then .. now you look creepy ...
Lindsay Kitchen
Lydia Ussery
Jaclyn has come such a long way from this. So proud of her! This proves you can literally start from the bottom and make it where she is now!
I miss this Jaclyn....
Maggie McLeod
It looks like I got punched in the eyes
Maila Peters
who else is watching in 2020?????
Maleke Jaimez
I feel like the only one here bugged by her comment about her acne because as a person who's skin has been horrible since sixth grade that comment just makes me feel insecure about myself
Manpreet Kaur
sooooooooooooooo beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018? Anybody else?
Mariam Oshkhereli
''I normally don't wear very nude lips''... yeah, IKR, pfff
Marki Rivere
Bring this Jaclyn back :(
Melodie Peachey
Hahaahaha what a trip!! You look like such a baby!! It's been a pleasure watching you blossom into the beautiful woman you're becoming. Much love! I want to thank you for inspiring me to wear makeup again after years of being ill and not having the drive or energy to. It makes me feel so much better about myself. I will always love you for that. 💕
Miss Lovely
Love This!
Missy Tina
Omg I would love too see you recreate this look! See if there's anything you'd do different! After all theres 15 million views on this! \nLove you Jaclyn!
Mithra Vinda
I never understand smokey eye. I blend blend blend and blend and I look like i just got punched right in my eye!
Morgan Rodriguez
I usually never put black eyeliner on my waterline, nor on the inner corners of my eye because I feel like my eyes are pretty small and close together. I've usually done smokey looks like this, and it looks fine, but I do love the look of the eyeliner in the water line and inner corners. I've been trying to experiment and anytime I put dark eyeliner there, I feel like I just look scary, like gothic, not sexy or anything. Does anyone else have this problem?
Nairi Keshishian
How cool it would be to recreate the older looks with your new camera and lightning 😘 this is your mist viewd video .
This look with champagne pop thoooooo! 🙌🏼🙌🏼😍😍
Crazy how money changes people
Nicole B
I still remember the day I wanted to learn how to to a cat eye and this beautiful woman popped up. This has and always will be my favorite video. You can see how she has accomplished so much. Even her personality is different here. You become more beautiful and radiant every day Jacklyn. You go girl!!!! I think you should recreate this video! Love you Jacklyn!
Nina Colley
Throw back to mac eyeshadow woah
Olivia Timmons
Watching this in 2016 and I'm so amazed how far she has come since then but also how much she's stayed the same....I love it
Pam Mills
I think it is absolutely beautiful.....I need a personal tutorial for all my least once to show me how to begin this HUGE TASK.
Priscilla Urbina
i just melted inside watching this. seeing you pull out soft and gentle to highlight with and remembering that now you have your own highlighter that you created with Becca. I remember first watching your videos so long ago when i was first learning how to do a smokey eye and to think of how far you come really just makes me so happy. My boyfriend and I watch your videos all the time and he knows you're my idol. He even bought me champagne pop. Love you!
Ranya Aljee
the only thing I can afford is the tape
Ray Wells
why do people put their makeup on the waterline of their under eye? 😭😭😭😭 makes your eye look small.
Sabrina Dacosta
I love this look. Thank you so much. I am going to try my best to do this on me!!!
Sam Ozkural
this is my favorite look of yours! you should do an updated one!
Sav Leek
my condolences to the irritation in your eyes. this happens to me all the time. i feel your pain. 😂
Savannah Holbrook
That moment you're watching in 2015 and now contour is normal, beauty blenders are important, and wings are everyday.
Shantée Nicole
thumbs up if you're watching in 2017!!!!
Shauna Jennings
November 2018 squad
So Beauty Stuff
Jaclyn always does amazing looks, I love the ombré effect in this smokey eye look! X
Sophie Giannamore
Sylvia Percy
she has been the highlight queen since 2012
Tabo Beeran
She was so much prettier without all the work done on her face
Vanessas Advice
put honey on it and cover it with make up a band aid and go to sleep. and in the morning it will disapear
Victoria Ann
This is so old jeez
Wifey Ally
This is good camera work for 2018
Yasna Hossain
2018 anyone??😉😉😉
Zozo Rose
2018 anyone?
I miss this Jaclyn...she was genuine, funny, fun to watch. Now it's just, money, money.
connor arakaki
When your watching this in 2016 because you are one die hard Jaclyn hill fan! 😂
dee M
You look like spencer from pll
Her nose looks different now, did she had a nose job?
girls fun
jaclyn using mac before starting to use morphe lmao
haley stewart
She looks like Gretchen Weiners...
why don't u do tutorials like this any more? \nits really more clear and understood\nplease do more
skyler r
when i try to do dark makeup i always end up looking like 2007 pete wentz
sumaiya ahamed elma
Anybody here in October, 2018?
Could anyone do this with the dupe ?