CHI CHI DO YOU LOVE ME!? (Dbz Song Parody)

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Ajoine' Glinsey - Baines
Goku pump ☆☆☆
1:15 to start the song
Alex Joe
Goku is gonna be happy when he gets home
If Gohan aka Goheezy did it, it would have been Mommy do u love me
Amin Dhifalli
Uh...Goku is too pure for booty
Amir Shadow
I need some dragon balls so I can wish for some booty
Ampocalypse W
I'm not gay but goku is making me feel some sorta way
Asaf vaki
play fallout shelter trunks its better!!!
Baby Shenron
Why does goku look so cute when asking for booty
Bardock Saiyan Fan
It starts at 1:14
The only Youtube add I’ll actually try.
Cartoon Connect
Cole Macgrath :/
This Isnt Goku, Goku Is Pure Angel Minded
You should make a remake without hustle castle
I LOVE ❤️ the beat how it goes with the singing
DayWazWasted WDB
Death Velocity
December 20th still watching these bars was fire af good video
2:43 to 3:04 my new ringtone
Drunken Panda
Goku in supersayain acting seductively and voice gets high 2:44\nMe: No comment\n\n\nDam son
Elaine Thorpe
Emojiman 17
2:43 stuff gets REAL...
Emx Wolu
2:43 - 3:12 sexy best part😗😙👌
Everything To Patatoes
poot poot, do u luv me\nWanna taste me?\nWanna try me?\n\npoot poot, do u luv me,\n\ni know i say i dislike you, but im here 4 ur booty\n\npoot poot, do u luv me?
1:15 thank me later.
FuZz Darkeyz
*i NeEd sOMe bOOTy*
This goes harder than the Og
Gohan SSJ
Lmao bro this stuff legendary
Heavenly Golden
shinron dont want these hands
When Goku says do you love me he voice cracks 😂😂 lol lit song btw
Are Trying To Catch The Power Pole From The Back, Nicely
Jayden Channer
2:07 This was when they were teens right? This in my playlist.
Joshkid 2000
Vegeta is like: I can do a better song about bulma
Then once they are strong within my **Fathers Hairline** you can take them to battle!
KFC Goku
His trunks is easily his best voice
Kayleigh Bussis
The guy who voices goku needs to react to these! (Sean Schemmel)
Here thanks to Prince Vegeta. Left a like. 👍
Kevin Hibbert Jr.
WTf goku would never say that, this goku is way better damm!!!
Kiera Beason
Chi chi do you love me is you try ing to catch up
Kimani Reid
LMAO vegeta in the background salty😂
To catch the power pole from back, nicely.. lol
Leonardo Maldonado
Second time he says \
Lori Guillory
Best part 2:43
Mene The mene
This is gonna amazing song
NMA_ legion
1:28 that voice crack tho
Namii Tv
Baby girl you not a dime you a whole twenty\n\nIM WEAK💀💀😫😂😫
Goku's flow has evolved from beating jiren
New New
Chi chi do you love me is my fav part
No Jams BTS
2:12 Vegeta just lookin' at goku like tf? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Noel Mwangi
love your music man :) ;)
Chi chi do you love me?NOT GOKU ME?!
Paris LaSalle
my name I ui
Random Dragon Ball Z Fan
I was waiting for this the second the actual song came out :3
Raptor Squad
Will his go on Spotify cause that would be lit
Thanks for watching! Also thanks for understanding that sponsorships help channels like mine, and I hopefully the way that I showcase them is still entertaining. And for those that are bothered by them, don't worry, they'll only be ONCE IN A WHILE. \nAlso my bad that it took so long to drop this song, you guys have been asking for it for like 2 months! So WHAT SONG IS NEXT!!!!???? STAY POWERFUL
Seth Ulysse
chi chi do you love me are you trying to catch the power pole from the back nicely cause i just beat lord frieza and i need some booty
Shamore Rodriguez
Whole song 🔥 fire\n\n\n\nBut 1:49 to 1:59 firer🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒
Skyhawk Gaming
TRAP MONEY ZENI💵💵💵💵💵💶💶💶💰💰💰💵💵💵💹 Yeah chi chi do u love me i just beat lord frieza and i need some booty😛😛😛🤑
We need the super saiyan version to be longer. So good
Studio Horizon
Once they're stronger than my fathers hairline \n\nDam you didn't have to do em like that.
Super Luigi Justyn c ching
did you make this song because in the beginning of keke do you love me it says Trap money Zeni
Teabagking 606
I kept replaying the ending
The Anime Girl
He really wants to see thoses chi chi’s
The Dark Master
1:16 *I thought about a different kind of \
TheBmans bunker
Goku may not be super smart but even he knows when he needs some *booty*
Trent Frazier
this is unironically romantic
Umair xD
This parody was well due! Still so HYPE🔥👍
Damn Goku Better Than Drake
Wyndell Lee
Goku : Chi-Chi! Do you love me? \n\nChi-Chi : If you give up fighting.\n\nGoku : ...
For the ladies \n2:42
I was thinking how Carter would pull this off... This must really be hard coz this song is tricky af to match with dragonball terms... But hey you did magnificent as always
Ximena G.
Im selling these \
Xster Plays
XxGolden punKxX
Goku: chi chi, do you love me?\n\n\nChi Chi: I only love my bed and my mama I'm sorry 🖕😴
Yamour Smith
Zackies TheGamer
Let's get this right.vegeta would say this right?\n\nBulma do you love me?are you complaining,said u would be hitting the gun from the beach\n\n\nOh I'm trash
*Chichi's response* \n🎶 Goku, do you love me\nI know you do\nBut I know you can't put that power pole in the back nicely\nCause you can't even\nTry to, or want to kiss me 🎶
abdullah Asha
calvin gustafsson
Why is this even catchy, I don't understand 😂
crystal winston
Why in the last few part of the song goku look so high
dokkan battle player
1:16 thank me later
izuku midoriya
Chi chi do you love me are you trying to get the power pole form the back nicely
keyshaun Lloyd
I liked first but nobody cares
living april fools joke
I wish my crush'so name was chichi
mastered ssgss chriskyle
The last part was stronger high pitch than the last time he used it on jiren
Chichi must love neglectful men
samantha clark
this how the song should have been😂😂😂😂
son goku
Holy shit I got them high notes
tom co
1:59 we all renember that episode
trunks brief
At the end of the song Goku sounded like he was drunk😂😂
tyler Dul
whiteytice_ 456
Baby girl your not a dime your a whole twenty
yung FaZe supreme goku
Yes i do love you chichi
zx gaming
Wot more views for this vid than black saiyans part 4?