Smouldering Smokey Eye

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Hi Guys, welcome back to my channel.In today's video I will show you how to recreate this smouldering smokey eye.For all the smokey eye fans, checkout this video and please do try it out:)Here is what I used:Brushes by ( IB136,C416,Smugger, Blending) The highlighter brushMac 217, ( contour,blush) Tarte Cosmetics ( BB tinted primer treatment, finishing powder, amazonian clay 12 hr waterproof concealer,skinny smoulder eye pencil,Creaseless 360 degrees 12 hour eye primer, Gorgeous Getaways Palette,Amazonian butter lipstick golden pink)Mac soft and gentle highlighter ( Bronzer and highlighter duo, Gel liner little black dress) Skinny brush Shadow shields ( under eye fallout protection )Brows Ebony

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If I could have all brushes an material, I would do such a beautiful makeup 😣😣
A s i a g o
Yeah i have the 3$ Makeup from Wal-Mart because im classy asf 👌
Alyssa Waddell
look, it's a great tutorial and all, but \
Angela Huizeling
you look like katy perry :O
Anna Papadopoulou
just read some of the comments below!!!...your voice and your accents are just fine!!!don't sweat it!!!!!I like it and it is more enjoyable from other youtubers who yell too much....I really enjoued every tutorial that I saw from you!!!keep up the good work!!!!...What you could do (for those who don't like your voice so much) is maybe introduce some background soft music
Arhya Rein
you are so gorgeous ...
Ashlee Ainsley
I tried doing this and I got a black eye
Ashley Nicole
Ha I never use Mac ever!!! Way too expensive. I was able to do this with wet n wild and e.l.f. Guys no need to waste money on expensive make up. Unless you want too.
Blackout Day
Not that I would know how you could improve, but I would love a 'get ready with me' type video, and also something showing where you live, what your hometown looks like, some insight into your daily life and personality.  I think that would expand your YouTube presence and endear people to you even more.  We see and enjoy how incredibly talented and beautiful you are, (and your humility is so refreshing, the vanity and shallow nature of some 'beauty gurus' on here is so unattractive).  There are plenty of beautiful people in the world, but not a lot of beauty with humility and appreciation.  Good on ya  ;-)
Catherine White
I love this look! It's so beautiful!
Christina Renee
this looks good on most people... i am not one of those people who can rock this look.
OMG I JUST LOVEEEEEE how eyeliner can change the whole eyeshadow look
Cookie Monster
Ohh my glob!!! She gorgeous. She looks like Katey Perry alot. Who agrees?
good work but too much pinky lipstick,i would wear nude one especially with smokey eyes..!
Maya Mia, you do apply shadows with surgical skill & the eye-shadow formula's are so illustrious whether they are pressed or. loose or creams( Not big on them)in trays or eye color tube & wand type some I like.Even after 40+years of x-dressing as ,makeup was my 1st love.yes even for some boys,\nI apply the stuff like a bricklayer and the canvas I paint is mere boot leather ,think steel toe and worn work boots,now how many girls can makeup an old boot into Cinderellas you know.As anyone can Mia you do it VERY well keep up the good workGOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NEW LINE OF MAKEUP MAYA MIA...I have a sweet neice of 8 or 9 named MiA. bye :-)
Dandy Berry
So peaceful to listen to! ((: thanks for the great tips!
Destiny Settlez
Dhruvi Patel
U look so beautiful but the colour of ur lipstick no i dint like it
Dianne from Canada
Lovely will I be able to do that! Probably not...
How is it, that I can make a lifelike pencil drawing that's so realistic people think it's a photograph, but when I try this on my own face I turn out like a panda?
maybe tutorials for people who are too poor to buy exspensive makeup
Evgenia S
Your eyes are so beautiful i love this look but i think that a more nude lipstick would look better
Francy Smile
Guadalupe Escamilla
I will like to watch shadows applications for brown skin, please
Gulshan Mirzazada
It is just promotion of Tarte rather than somey eye tutorial -_-
Hakeem Curagteh
its sad how no girl can just wake up n be happy. what a world.
Holly Porter
God bless you, this saved my day!! I tried this out for my first smokey eye and I LOVEEE IT!! Thank you so much!! :) I subbed!! :D
Holly Singleton
I tried this and I looked stupid 😂
Honey Taylor
😂😂😭😂😭 she said only $48 like that's a little bit of money for some colored chalked dust
that sad moment when you realize your eyeshadow depends on your eyelid shape, not how you apply it );
Iman Drif
Imani Baby
i love your make up can u tell me how to do a fire fox eye plz thanks x
Imraana Varcie
Absolutely beautiful eye Make-up!!! Thx a ton for sharing!!!
International Dolls
it like shading in art class lightest to darkest
Israth Parvin
Ended up looking like a raccoon no matter which tutorial I follow\n\nUpdate 2017 august 21: I finally did it. After a whole damn year. Not a racoon. Looks like I came out of the boxing ring with bruises on both eyes
Itzel Diaz
Ladys I just did the same look right now and I didn't use the same products she use. You can use different things and still get the same look
Izzy Iino
only 48 dollars lmao wish I lived in her fairytale world!
Jaydyn Edgar
in my opinion, the best way to learn how to do makeup is do it yourself sure you could get inspiration from youtube but everybody is different, different blending skills, different eyes, different makeup but to me, best way is experimenting by yourself and practice! Theres no certain order to at all honestly, and its fun and so pretty :)
Jayne Rose
Thank You So Much!! Your Video is Very Helpful!!👍👍
Jocelyn Wise
am I the only one that thinks she looks like Megan Fox?
Josey Smith
I'm only 11 years old and watching 😂😂😂😂
Julieta Casal
I dont like highlighters, they make me look too greasy and shiny for my taste
Just a Fan
Where is the music 😐???
Kailyn Wynn
I know who owns shadow shields
Kassy Veronica
this is like the best smokey eye ive ever seen I wish I could do it as good as you !!!
Keeper Of The Stars Church
Amazing very beautiful 💋
Kezza HD3
Hey love your video and could you tell me what foundation you used. Thanks x
Kim Ibarra
if it wasnt for all the pink i wouldve completely liked it :(
Kyriaki Kyrstavridou
wow your eyes are so amazing! with and without make up of course!
Lashelle Z. Farrington
Loved the finished product!
Laura McCarthy
That eye look is amazing but the pink lips don't go with it at all for me
honey I asked for a smokey eye tutorial and your doing your entire face
Lisa Lee
gorgeous girl. I really like her videos, we have a similar face shape so they work very well for me! Thank you!!!
I ended up looking like panda
Louise Story
I substituted these eyeshadows for the nudes by maybeline and got a very similar look xx
Mariah Zalera
the day i discovered that my eyes were considered \
Mary Elizabeth
Your an incredible makeup artist with a very lovely voice :)
I tried doing this but I ended up looking like a clown.
Nichole Mayes
COMMON SENSE: use what you can afford. She prefers the products she uses. Use what YOU prefer. No need to complain about how YOU don't like how SHE uses expensive products.\nI used to learn from these kind of tutorials when all i had was a Chinese brush set and a Chinese eyeshadow palette (that 120 palette, remember those?) and could still make great looks. Plus, there are plenty channels that show tutorials with affordable products and brushes. Just use what she does as a reference and make it your own. You could use a couple blending blushes and some drugstore makeup from Walmart and have fun.\nDo your research. Adapt your knowledge. Practice.
Nita Rosedale
That look good on you because the color of your eye's, I couldn't pull this look off because the cold of my eye's. I think black eyeshadow only look good on girl's with pretty eye's.
Nora Brown
Only $48...HA! \nGreat makeup look though!
Paula Zephier
+Maya Mia - thank you for taking the time to make these tutorials. I appreciate you, and several other gifted make up artists, on you tube, for ministering to women, to help them feel beautiful, to feel good about themselves, & raise their self esteem.
Phoenix Gramling
I'm so happy she just used one palette and not 5 different ones
Porsha Hardy
Wish my makeup looks as perfect as this ❤️
Renata Locutora
I cant find the right words to say how amazing and sweet are you , keep shining angel ! *_*
Robyn Johnson
She lost me at \
Rp p
would this look good with brown eyes?
Rumer Priestly
Mine didn't turn out exactly the same, but it's gorgeous. Probably the best eye makeup look I've ever achieved. Thanks, girl!
Samiya Ehrenfrau
the lipstick ruined it. matt all the way
Sara Razoky
your eyes are the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I'm so jealous.
Sarah Elaine Hassard
El nudeo spider may not be everyone's least favourite because he's not my least favourite
Somebody's WATCHING Me
pretty on her\nmine always looks like im a raccoon. 😫
I think a softer lipstick would have paired better. Merci.
Sudeshna Dandapat
I like smokey eyes
Suruchi khan
You're absolutely stunning. Although I will never be able to achieve any of your makeup tutorials, I love watching all your videos!
I have to admit that she looks a bit like Katy perry
ThatOneGirl Anastasia
Anyone else ticked off that this wasnt the look in the thumbnail?
good tutorial though!
Toma Ana
Esti superrrrrr!!!\nEsti unul din idoli meiiiiii!!!
Wiktoria Kos
ktoś z polski
Xime C
Absolutely 💘 it. Absolutely!!!!!!
Yodeliz Miranda
You look amazing!
Zimka Kalifaa
Uu Sta Si Lepa Jebete Uuu Pickuu \nje imas faceboook......
afreen haq
Amazing tutorial!
amelitmen cycer
am I the only boy who love makeup n came here to watch XD😂😂😂
christine a
your make-up looks nice!
jazzy do
can you do some more alternative makeup tutorials
kayla johnson
only 48 dollars hahaha um .........
lauren lowell
I tried but ended up looking like I had been punched in the eye 😂
mimi rucker
she using her sexy voice
saeed zulfi
Very helpful video.\nYou explain perfectly\nThat's why I watch all your videos\nThank you
samir mohanty
she looks so much like katy perry
so fashion plus
look so easy to do but I still have a hard time with eyeshadow
the white enchantress
so cool.
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