Hitman Absolution: Hiding In Plain Sight

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Actual game footage.The music in this animation were copyright free tracks from www.incompetech.com and www.audiomicro.comThanks to Square Enix for helping make this video happen

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1n1t14l_D3sp4c1t0 skidaddle
Love how hitman is a trap
1:47 😒motherfuker 🔫
love the facial expression on 47 
Adrian Gustavo
Agent 47
Alex Jones
Has \nNot \nAged\nWell
Allen White
I found him a total of 27 times
AnsabRB -Roblox
Which mission
Anunnaki Arandio
Good job 47.. 👌😎
Armand Romero
Omg I luv this its awesome make more!
I still can't get over the fact that he french kissed himself...
Benjamin Ice
Who’s hyped for 11th January?
Boi Boi
What did I just watch?\n\n*feels back of head... Zipper*\n\n...dear god...
Break The Cycle
He is the wife \nHe is the kids\nHe is the cats\nHe is the fried chicken\nHe is a giant donut\nHe is man he just killed
Builder Vietnam
WTF am I witnessing ?
Captain Connor
Wait so his target was a boy or a girl???
Chocolate Sauce
so he became a police officer to disguise himself to plan a hit on himself then married himself to have his own self's kids to try and kill himself and in turn get killed by himself, perfect sense
Coded Xtreme
The meaning of life is 47
*Hitman*\n\n\n\n\n\n*He is everywhere, he is everything*
Daddy Papi
This went so far.
Dante Glory
In the beginning it made you think it wasn't the guy you thought but in the end it was exactly who you thought it was. genius.
Diaski przeróbka
So agent 47 married his target, had 2 kids with his target, and joined the police...
Fox Game
Hitman-pon4ik xaxaxaxa
Frankie Da_pug
Consider That a divorce...
you know your a good assasin when you're your own target.
George Washington
So that means Justin Y. Is Actually Agent 47?
Great Guy From The Republic Of Great Wales
Is this Spy vs Spy?
Ignious Lupus
he married himself... while killing him self... after eating himself... before getting killed by himself... after finding out that he killed himself... checks out
I brutally beat my wife to death with a toothbrush because I thought she was 47. She wasn't, but it's always good to be cautious.
Julian Monette
*this is not how I play hitman*
Just An Edit
*_What if Agent 47 was actually Foster all along_*
Kaiden the Lombax
1:51 dun, dun, DUN!
Kappa Boss
Keisuke Takahasi
Deep down, we are all Agent 47.
This is why we don't have multiplayer
LostDev_ YT
HitMan:Gay Adsolution
Luna the Lunatic
A timeless classic
I don't get why you'd make a Hitman video if you won't even bother putting Agent 47 in it
So it was a suicide.
Mouadz Carado
simply hitman will say\n\n\ni am everywhere but no were
Mr Oliver Fox
Hitman Multiplayer game ingame footage.
Mr Snrub
Haha, looks like the Joker 🙂 but 47 forgot to hide the body, now he get penalty points - 480 🙂
New Age Cinematic’s
One thing I actually loved from absolution was the epic multiple take down assassin kills. When you can do the Sam fisher style highlight then gun down 4 or 5 people was dope! I really wish they would bring it back.
Nick Bender
Wtf hitman wasn’t even in the vid
Niklas Jeschke
and that's why a hitman multiplayer wouldn't work..... although it would be fun.
Njvikesfan 01
So that's what happened to agents 1-46
Or 2099
i have created my own lore about this video. its pretty simple: agent 47 was cloned then sent to a mission to assassinate his clone. to do that he had to sneak into the clone facility and hear about the clone's next target. then he killed the target and took his skin and used a special voice changer to sound like him. then he went into the target's house which is where the clone was. after that when the clone tried to kill the \
Owen Annear
This is me every time I play hitman
Pure Ace23
If only it was that good in absolution
R.I.P Stan the man
1:01 top 10 traps in anime history
Raff 69
So its basically John Cena
Ricardo Compere
so agent 47 is nowhere and every were
Sain 7417
0:35 that doughnut got to be stale to sound like that.
Sajeev Nair
Did you people notice the Agent 47 reference. This will be a little chalenging coz' I want you to look for yourself.\nHint: It's between 0:00 to 2:11.\nGood luck!!
Solar Plague
This must be the Hitman Hitman crossover
Over 25 hitmans in.house
2019?\n\n\n\n\nYa know I gotta do it
ThatWeirdBoi 187
You it's a good assassin when you look at his face. XD
The Good Doctor
Wut? I’m so confused.
TheLegend 27
Agent 47: You are 7 times more likely to kill yourself than anybody else \nAlso Agent 47: not if I kill him first
Don't just blend in with your surroundings, BECOME your surroundings.
Tzar Nicolas The II
I love the turkey
I'm like a normal human but don't worry i'm agent 47 byyyyyy i'm a youtuber now .....................
Umbrella Man
Hitman Multiplayer.
VC Guerrilla
John Cena \u003e\u003e\u003e Agent 47
Best part 1:05 😂😂😂
Yusuf Traş - GofT
What Watch Me??????
ai i
*Does that mean he was making out with himself?* ... Wha...? .... Well... This game doesn't make any sense anyway... I guess that was the point. lol
big doInk
srsly tho why is agent 47 always so angry or whatever
What? An overabundance of genetically-engineered assassins in the workplace?\n\nA LARGE INFLUX OF BEES SHOULD PUT A STOP TO THAT
Wait so where is hitman in this vid? I can't see him
dragon killer
'agent 48 was killed by agent 47'
The guy is either the most oblivious person or Agent 47 is the stealthiest assassin.
firegun 30
I'm confused
0:54 does that writing on the wall say “hitman” if not it should
When your mom drop your iPhone in bathroom 1:16
what the hell just happened
jhon doe
Omg I almost pissed myself laughing! Good stuff!
If you noticed, the display pic of the video is a spoiler
If you look carefully you can see agent 47
what the actual f***
top ten anime plot twists
meepguy [was banned] the last guest
This was made when I was 3 years old
men #
mo beastie
1:08 not my proudest fap
That pretty gay and hot.
rafael the killer
rocker 10039
I literally have played the intro yesterday.
samarendra chandan bindu Dash
That's how we got the movie predestination .
what the heck
stuart coombes
vugno vugno
Wow what a plot twist
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