SuperEnduro Sweden 2018 - Highlights

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taddy would be the world champion if it were not for the failure of the motorcycle in the second race. But still congratulations for webb, bolt and teddy
Enduro Justin Poland
Nice race fight!!!
Filmy Franka
Taddy Błażusiak!!!!!!!!!
Jason Naughton
Cody Webb. Class act! Congrats and well deserved.
What happened to Taddys Bike?
Ray Palmer
I guess haaker is on his way out. Not a competitor anymore
Rodolfo Miqueloni
Incredible race, awesome!
Spooners outings
Have you lost the plot mr haaker fist you loose your mined and now you have lost you super enduro crown. Next you will be losing your factory ride. Are you really at all interested in racing any more coz it don’t look like it. Going from 1st to 5th over all what a kick in the pants that is
carlin hicks
I think the rear hit from Bolt caused Taddy's shock to fail later. The bikes are tough, but not designed to take a big impact from that direction.
Man, I was sitting close to where Taddy's bike failed and even though there was a bunch of bike noise you could hear him screaming in anger. Felt kinda bad for him
matt 916
taddys whole bike was smoking til his shock blew