Goku vs chichi! Dragon ball

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A.J Thomas
I like her better as a compassionate fighter than a angry housewife. Thanks for updating it DBZMAYHEM!
AlvaXerox 435
Oh please put the part where he propose i love that part
Andres Romero
Chichi Kao ken. Hmm... I wonder why
Lol wat\nGoku has ulTRA INSTINCT
This happened?
BlackStar Hibiki
Looks like krillin didn't follow his own advice
Broly The legendary super Saiyan
Wife rage lol
Cloud Serrano
where can I find the subbed version?
Date Masamune
Back when martial arts existed in Dragon Ball.
David King
0:28 Yes. Yes, he is.
Demon Hunter 27
Deon Farmer
Excellent fight between future couple chichi and goku. She give goku a run for his money while he's dodging her attacks and I'm glad those two got married though. They were meant to be TOGETHER!!!,poor yamacha,his girlfriend, bulma find out that he once confess his love to chichi which enrage bulma,that why she end up marrying vegeta in dragon ball z.
Efrain Galan
Chi chi invented wolf fang fist
Evan Morel
This is truly a awesome match, chi chi is a great fighter and it's amazing how they both get married too. Thanks for posting this awesome fight DBZSMAYHEM.
Goat Emmanuel
If chi-chi was still a fighter will she be the strongest woman ever?🤔
Javier lemus
Jazz Gamer2470
Joseph Castillo
Chi chi vs goku great fight
Juan Vasquez
Goku had ultra instinct the whole time
My favorite battle in the DB francise
Michael Cahue
3:38 goku used Hits attack when he killed goku for a short period before the ki blast restarted his heart
Ultra Instinct. Chi Chi= Jiren
Nicholas The god tdb
Chichi has some skull like daaaaam goku is scared
Nintendorak Yamato
Chi Chi has skill
Omarr Koroma
My bride... Awwww
To this day I wish Chi Chi became a Z Fighter.
Pangestuganteng Siagian
i hate old hag chi version she just care about her son
Match is a great watch, but I’m impressed with how Oolong of all people managed to piece together Chi-Chi’s identity before any one else.
Sad Hoshi
Krillin was very accurate
Sage Ninja
watching this fight I am convinced that vintage ChiChi would have wrecked Videl. O.O
Son Gohan
It's nice to see this.
Son Goku
Souhail TV channel
Is this before their marriage
Star Master 0713
That’s were the day that chi chi and master goku was dating \nA fighting match in the tournament\nGood video
Str8 Krillin it
Still think my definition was more accurate....
This is how a argument in my house is like.
Stream of Consciousness
I don't see anything out of the ordinary about these women...most of the ones I dated were like this about every day. *YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH*
Super Alvin Jackson - AATCEntertainment2U
Goku \
Super Saiyan Commenter
i dont think thats how you should be beating your wife goku.
When chi chi was actually cool
That Retarded Boi
Hmmm\nWhatever happened to Chichi?\nFrom an agile fighter to a brute
The Master 1
Nice form chi chi
Yuri The Kid
This is what i do to anyone who invades my privacy
batmanexpert229 minecraft realm
Goku put a ring on it.
mehboob khan
Now I see why Goku loves/married Chichi
mugetsu ichigo
They look hot when they young
raven dark heart
It's funny chichi an amazing fighter who gave Goku a run for his money even though he wasn't using his full power but she's still forbids Gohan from fighting
robert arriola
Domestic violence! Call the police lmao