Daniel Kahn, Psoy Korolenko, Oy Division - The Unternationale in Tel Aviv

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The Unternationale concert in Tel Aviv, Levontin 7 club, 5 Nov 2008.Дэниел Кан, Псой Короленко, Ой Дивижн - Унтернационал в Тель-Авиве, клуб "Левонтин 7"Setlist:1. Instrumental

daniel kahn korolenko oy division psoy unternationale yiddish дэниел кан идиш короленко ой дивижн псой унтернационал

глубочайшая философия!
жесть реаольно втыкает. боюсь не то сказал. ууужас но буду смотреть еще
Anna Fein
Choo Baka
Jackob Zlotnik
Any chance to see Daniel and Psoy again in Israel together?
Jewish Monkeys
Joan Charlip
What a wonderful exciting and fabulous songs music and entertainment
https://youtu.be/pqW9sbAfYIw?t=1h1m1s \n\nלע ברידער, גאָט טונס נישט העלפן\nלאמיר זיך אליין באפרייען\nלאמיר זיך זיריסן פון די קייטן\nאון לאמיר אליין צוזאמען גיין\n\nLe brider, Gott's tuns nisht helfn,\nlomir zikh bafreyen aleyn,\nlomir zikh zerisn fun di kaytn,\nun lomir aleyn tsuzamen geyn.
Paolo Barbieri
Avanti Popolo brought me here.
Scotti p
i LOVE this video
Taina Hollo
They are unbelievable, and the Yiddish language is charming!
Absolute brilliant, big respect!!!!
Valentine Bo
Totally amazed. Wonderful.
abraham Weizfeld Ph D
His accent in Yiddish is terribly false but the ghost here says in Yiddish;\nOh yes, these are the words to the Jagger song 'Sympathy for the devil', in Yiddish. Russian and English.\n\nDon't let yourself speak-out\nWhen a man with confidence and money\n\nWhen Jesus had a great grievance\nin Jerusalem...\n\n\nThen, after the Unternational song parody and satire in populist mode..\n\n\nOh you foolish little Zionist\njust like a dear foolish girl\ngo speak with a worker\nand learn some wisdom\n\ngo speak with a worker\nand learn some wisdom\nYou want to go to Jerusalem\nand all should go to live there\nBut we would better be in Russia\nWe want to liberate ourselves\n..the rest in English version\n\n\nThe they sing a Zionist anthem..\n\n\nThen\nOn the other side
по моему это евреи какие-то
danilko paskudnik
j-oy division
Love the way, they looking at each other while singing youOh You Foolish Little Zionists :)
Does ANYONE know if these guys are still alive? Or where I can find them with some subtitles?
Samyj  łutszyj muzik
Any lyrics for song \
sean lee
what a splendid band! \n