Valentines Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial ♡

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0000 two
like your personality : the way you talk , etc , it's unique , different from others in youtube
Abraham Fong
This video started at 3:45 like whhaaaattt!!!
Alex Gomez
Amanda could be in hair curls, a bath robe & a green mask and she'll still somehow manage to look beautiful 😫😍😍😍🙈
Amanda Ensing
Hi my loves! Hope you lurve the video! This is my fave so far ^.^
Amy B.
Wow your hairstyle is awesome please make a tutorial!! :D
Anisah Masyhur
this is my all tume fav make up.tutorial video. seriously.
Ashlea G
Its so weird, I tried baking once and when I dusted off the excess, the concealer was like flaky and came off in patches. Lol I give up😂
Ashley Foley
You are snow white. just admit it already! you without makeup reviled your true identity ! snow white!
Flawless I've been trying to learn the smokey eye for the longest. This was a big help. Thanks for the video!
I wish I could do smokey eyes like this.
Brianna Jaliyah
Imma end up looking like a raccoon
C&D Journey
Best look ever 💕
Callie Codfish
I’m here from Nikki’s video! ❤️❤️
Catelin D
I am going to recreate this one for my NYE look..wish me well!
the actual tutorial starts on 3:45. you're welcome
Cookie Glory
how rich does someone have to be to do makeup like this
Cordelia Coville
Courtney Lauber
Constantly wanting to do black eyeshadow without looking like a freak/dead. This look is simply beautiful!!
Daja Jenkins
thank you so much girl, i love love loveee smokey eyes!!!
Your lips look painful. Did you get a bad reaction to a lip product?
Deamira Padua
You look like jennifer lawrence
Dee Luther
😗😗😗BEAUTIFULLY😘😘😘\n😗😗😗Great VideO aS Always💕\n😗😗😗Happy New Year😘😘😘\nHave a FaBulouS Weekend aS Well
Devi Sagita Ratri
You're really sweet and encouraging! I don't know why there's people who dislikes this video. Haters?
Diana Barnez
Very nice. A sexy look!
Edyn Trudeau
Come somewhere in Chicago like if you agree
Eileen G
3:40 is when the tutorial actually starts lol
Elly Rico
Omg, it's the first video I see from your channel and I already love you. I'm subscribing, obvi! LOVED THIS LOOK.
Emma Sabanovic
You lost me when the intro reached 3 minutes
Engy Türkmen
Dark makeup 😍
Erica Himes
Am i the only person who does their foundation first?? I'm always afraid I'll mess up my eye makeup if I don't , and i feel like it works as it's own primer for my eye shadow! Maybe I'm just weird.
Erika Garcia-Vega
Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Maya Rivera from Glee
Fifi Ha
you look much more younger without make up
Gato Feral
Jennifer Lawrence!!
Gracie Bennett
“I want it to be natural” LOL GURRRRRRL
Instagram jairo_717
Heeee I like that
Ivy McDonald
She looks like a brown-eyed Jennifer Lawrence!😍
Jenesis zapata
you used to do your brows so kuch better. i like it here but now you do your tail too short and you make them too thick
Jessica S
The actual tutorial starts at 3:45
Jessica xo
Amanda, you are super real and nice! Your genuineness radiates off your channel. Beautiful look, thanks 🙂💕
Joann Arlene
i would love to wear eyeshadow like this but i have glasses and i feel like theres no point in doing eyeshadow :(
Karen Madash
QUICK QUESTION FROM MADASH: ----\u003e How many feet did you order your Amazon Glitter sequence Backdrops in? -Thanks!
Kayley Moylan
its literally 9:11pm at night and this video just made me want to do a fulk on smokey eye! thank you haha ❤😂
Kiersten Thornton
No Youtubers ever come to Ohio and it's such a bummer. I am glad you had a great time! When I first started watching you a long time ago, I wasn't sure of my feelings. But this past year I have realized how true and beautiful of a person you are. I follow you on snapchat and everything and I just enjoy hearing what you have to say (and listening to your dope ass taste in music) 😜 You have been killing the game with your looks lately and I can't wait to see more and more. Never change, Amanda 💞
Kristen Gausselin
nyx single black eye shadow works super well. really pigmented
*Ay Dios mío!* jajaja Amanda, eres adorable 💕
Lilla Czeglédi
Starts at 3:45
Lilly Vo
If my skin was as good as urs i would probably NEVER wear makeup
Lorissa Palacio
lol literally couldn't resist the urge, trying out this smokey eye at 2 am
Love One Another
I know I'm late but I just found you recently. This is my favorite makeup look of life.
Lovette Cooper
Where can I get that choker?
Lol charcoal is actually dark grey not brown
Magali Bogarin
Makayla vanvleet
love this make up! but I personally woukd have went with a Matt red lip color
Mary B
Mehak Sharma
wasting of so much time just for eye makeup😑😑😑too lazy for this 😂😂
Melanie Rodriguez
how did you edit ..which site or app and camera used? plzz
Melissa Chee
FUN look, so pretty
Michelle Reyes
Amanda you look beautiful also without makeup, you looklike a different person, and you also look sobeautiful with makep as well. Love this look.
Milagro Martinez
I have tried doing my eye makeup like this and I ended looking like a raccoon lol😔
Miriam Lopez
Aw poor Steve.
Miss Laly
Aww memories! This was the video I discovered you in 😍😍😍
Mrs.Keisha, Mrs. Keisha Omfg she dead
Why am I watching this at 1:46am when I should be studying for finals😂😂
Mua Coley
Pause at 6:58 to see the smokey eyes from the girls at school
Nastaran Niroumand
the actual tutorial starts at 3:44
Naucoma May
You look like a dark haired Britney Spears 😍
Noemi Rodriguez
Hahaha here from NikkiLimos channel
Patricia Oliveira
Amei a maquiagem vou fazer, ficou top de mais bjs..\nArrasa
Paula Mugabi
yeah i dont know why some girls always think we do make up for guys that aint faiiir thanx girl black smokey eye is to die
Poleen Mabini
she's like a mixture of bella hadid and jennifer lawrence i loooove the look
Ro Rosa
diablos! hablas mucho.
Rose A
You look like a dark angel! In love with this look.
Ruqi H
so lucky you have great skin!
Sajida khan
Not blended nicely 😳
Secrett Hunt
I love how humble you are in the beginning. So thankful and appreciative. You give off such a beautiful vibe, I subscribed. \u003c3
Sherilynn Macale
I like that you underline your brows first before you do anything. I need to do that.
Slay With Nay
In love with the choker beautiful tutorial 💋🙈😘
Stefanie Lax
I love how this is super dark, but it's wearable! \nBTW- looking to upgrade cameras lol what camera do you use!?
But why do allll of the yt use the same products 🙄
Taylor Bosevski
smokey eyes !! omg love
The Rainbow Dachshund
She reminds me of Snow White for some reason.  lol   XD
Vanessa Gira
Tutorial begins at 3:45
Violet McLeod
Reminds me of Katniss's look in Catching Fire
Will Parker
For some reason I never thought of using a black eyeshadow base for a dark smokey eye?? That might explain why my last attempt was less than stellar :P Thanks for the video!
her lips actually look good, not too big and dont have that shiny plastic look
faith hanson
Did you have lip augmentation?
giuliana teixeira
Thank you so much Amanda 💗 tried this look out and was so easy and looked bomb ! Don't know what I'd do if you didn't make videos
Who were the idiots who disliked this video??
jiya swtu
gosh damn it she talks a lot like a lot and I was about to stop watching and she make me wanna press the exit button but she does the smoky eyes make up tutorial very good loved it
lil munchkin
mom: do you smoke ?\n\nme: only my eyes
everytime i try to put eyeshadow on my lower lash line it looks like i have a black eye or serious eye bags...
mima dz
you talk to much to much to much
nuest_w love
u talked so much😕😕😑
I can see how Steve got upset lol
sebastian brich
Steve's a trooper lol.
Incredible how horrible makeup is. This chick looks hundreds of time better before the makeup goes on.
viri grc
aaay Dios mioooo😍😍😍😍
ŤīBå T
Who got black eye ✋
вяιттиєу ѕσfαв!!
You got a thumbs down because you took too long to get to the point