Dramatic Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial: Brown Matte Lips!

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WHATS GUCCI MY LOVES!Hope you beautiful people like this dramatic dark smokey eye!! If you re-create any of my tutorials PLZ ...LOOOOOKK HERE B4 ASKING YO ? ;)Frequently asked ?:Contacts: Freshlook color blends-green & sterling greyEthnicity: 100% Puerto RicanAge: 20Location: NYCamera: Canon Rebel T3i

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Addicted Diamond
omg i love how this video was short but very easy to understand i looveeeeee it 😍😍😍
Adriane Figueiredo
you are too preety ♥ Loved the vídeo
Alexis Payton
so gorgeous!!
Allison Dimino
Love everything about this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alondra Oceguera
Slayyyy booo
Alyssa Sanchez
Once again, another amazing tutorial! Beautiful, girl. Loveee it (:
Amy Leo
Your lips remind me of Julia Roberts! Xxx
Ana Z
You are very beautiful , but you overline your lippies too much in my oppinion :c .
April Stevens
Simply Shanalee: Can you tell me what brand the red lip liner is? That color looked gorgeous in you too! Such a pretty girl :)
Arryana Arroyo
how old are u like 15
Aycey Baycey
This is amazing!!! Thank you!
Ayrianna Jones
ur rlly pretty. how old r u?
B Peoples
You're so positive, even when people give little critiques. I can definitely dig that type of energy. New sub :)
Beauty Bee
Your hair is so beautiful 😻
Bella Marconi
Your makeup is beautiful
Love it! SO amazing!!!!
Brielle Valentino
LOL your lips looked hilarious
BunnyJr Hopper
I do black eyeshadow its really pretty \nDoesnt look like a rat \nLooks black and brown with wihite eyeshadow sparkles \nBlack black black is one of the prettiest eye shadow \nVery pretty black 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💋
Catherine Hughes
New viewer, love the look. I thought without the darker foundation your complexion was the perfect shade and tone- even with the fake tan. Skip the darker shade, just my humble opinion, no hate ;)
Chelsea C
love this look!! you keep slaying girlfriend \u003c3 xoxo
ChriSSy G
you look just like cyn Santana 💕
Claire White
are those natural hair? Or you did something to them?
Coral Otaku moreno
I love the makeup but not the way she did her eyebrows, it looks weird
Cute Hedgehog
You look cute with out make up
Dana Harvey
she looks nothing like that in the thumbnail?
Daniela Gojani
whrn she doesnt have makeup she looks like 15-16-17 , and when she does , she looks like 21-22
Dayanese Rodriguez
I love the eye shadow! I'm too scared to try that dark matte lip though.
WTF your freaking gorgeous
Elly Ross
You definitely rocked this look. if I tried it I think I will look like a panda haha but flawless as always 😍
Ernestine Gerry
your amazing!!!!!!!
beautiful without makeup ♡
Fea SkittleszCx
So beautiful 😍💕
Grace McCartney
She literally looked exactly like Kylie Jenner in her thumbnail!!!! WTF??!!!! Gorgeous makeup look! Loved it!
Grace Teah
Heavenna T. CunninghamReyes
INSPIRE by Laura Diaconu
Love your vids
India Reed
Can u use black liquid pencil eyeliner for the black eyeshadow
Isheka Lin
What's the exact name for the liquid liner?
Jasmine Louise Russell
I think I just be and a lesbian ... 😈💜
Jillian Freeman
I just tried doing the eye look and I basically gave myself two black eyes 👍🏼
Jujubean Vargas
Oh my goodness. You are so pretty without makeup! I'd even dare say you're prettier without it.
Kaitlyn Everson
brown matte lips are my FAVORITE right now. loved the vid :-) xo
Kashyia Williams
your so pretty you don't need makeup but your makeup is on point.
Kasidy Buskirk
Love this look! You're awesome!
Katie Cleveland
Shanalee I loved watching this video. I have always had problems making my brown eyes dramatic and pop but now I can't wait to try this. Not only are you really great at doing makeup and explaining, but you are so down to earth when you are explaining everything and you use products that don't cost tons of money. Too many YouTubers that do makeup tutorials are way too into having all the expensive products that a lot of us can't afford. I also didn't feel like I was being talked down to unlike many others that do makeup tutorials. You are so awesome, down to earth, and one of a kind. Because of all your awesomeness I had to subscribe to your channel. I can't wait to learn more from you! Sending some love from ND💜
Khatija Khalid
love this look too ♡ ur makeup skills are dope ♥♥♥ love u girl ♥ and can u do more singing and story time kind off vedios :*
doing this for new years thanks gurlfrann
Latrice g
omg u look like alica keys in the beginning of the video!!
Lauren Crossley
Lil Shayroeee
What liner do you use and where are your lashes from ?
Love Child
So gorgeous and I am so glad I found you tonight and I subscribed ASAP!
Loves.2 StyleAli
Lupita Balla
you should show us the eyeshadow colours before applying them..
Lynashia Grissett
you are looking like a person would just ask you out on a date
MaD LosAngeles
beautyful 💨💋
Maria Vignas
Omg, you're so perfect 🙈💖 I'm loving this and loving your channel, hope you check out mine ❤️❤️
Mariel Allen
do you have a makeup tutorial for your youtube profile pic?
Marta Alexandra
you are so gorgeous girl let me tell you 😍
Megan Robinson
gorgeous!! love the look!!💜
Miri Meerkat
I'm so doing this look for my 18th birthday, which is tomorrow!
Miriam Saidov
Wow you are so gorgeous even without makeup
Can u stop being sooooo freakin gorgeous in every single video ?!😍
Missbeauty H
Hey love this look I've subscribed to ur channel...xx I also have a channel if u have time check it out...😘 and yes u do look like Julia Roberts 😍
Monique French
my favorite
Morgan McCowan
Very bold and beautiful.
Naomi Elfalan
Nathalia Nicodemos
Que linda!!!
Nyah Love
How are you so pretty
Love this video ! Enjoyed watching it !
Puju 9494
Lip line out very much
Ravey Hart
u look like a mixed julia roberts right here. :)
I really love your skin 😊\nBTW You're beautiful 😊
Rocio Franchesca Lopez Perez
Como se le ocurre tener el pelo en la cara y maquillarse con el pelo en la cara \u003e\u003c
Romarie W
You prove that people don't need to spend $30 for the Kylie Lip Kit. \n\nGorgeous, as always. Slay girl, slay.
Roosa L
you look flawless!!! ily
U look a little like zendaya
Safa Mahek
Samantha Hernandez
you are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saskia Singh
First time I'm watching one of your videos. Omg you're gorgeous. So I'm definitely subscribing and I will also force my friends to do the same!
Shaniah Boyce
omg she looks so pretty with and without makeup and she makes this look so easy 😩
Shirley Temple
looks like Zendaya
So pretty like always ! 😻
Prettyyyy and the lipstick trick is perfect
Thalia Ortiz
Love the brown lip combo you created, so pretty!
Tiera Cherie
You're sooooooo freaking pretty!!! Love this look, can you do a teal or purple smokey eye??
Perfection 😍
Valeria Giadans
Girrrrrl how you get that wing with ur lashes already on DAAAAAMN amen sister amen
Valerie Smith
wow!!..you can do sooo many celebrity look-a-like tutorials... Julia Roberts, Ariana, Kylie Jenner, and in one vid you did I got a lil Jlo..you are GORG!!
Vanessa Eale
Vanessa Gonzalez
Love the look as always! Deff going to try it.. Slayyy boo 😻✨💖
Yesi Villalobos
I'm gonna try this look tomorrow Night it's gorgeous and almost simple to do 💛
Awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Zorsha **
I love this look for stage make up. It's a little harsh for daytime for me anyways. Great tips though thanks for this
ari faltz
that makeup is stunning... I love it! the only thing is u don't need it! ur gorgeous enough already.
desperate housewives fanpage
u look like alicia keys
harlem //
you're so pretty! and I love this look ♥
jenni crespo
everything was super pretty except the over drawn lips
shaina gutierrez
You are so beautiful 😍
shiny thomas
she looks a bit like Cher Lloyd in her thumbnail
اسلاميات Eslamcom123
Your look amazing 😃😃😃