Аудиокнига - Иван Бунин - Окаянные дни

Cursed Days (Окаянные дни, Okayannye Dni) is a book by a Nobel Prize-winning Russian author Ivan Bunin, compiled of diaries and notes he made while in Moscow and Odessa in 1918-1920. Fragments from it were published in 1925-1926 by the Paris-based Vozrozhdenye newspaper. In its full version Cursed Days appeared in the Vol.X of The Complete Bunin (1936), compiled and published in Berlin by the Petropolis publishing house. In the USSR the book remained banned up until the late 1980s. Parts of it were included in the 1988 Moscow edition of The Complete Bunin (Vol. VI). After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cursed Days became immensely popular in its author's homeland. Since 1991, no less than fifteen separate editions of Bunin's diary/notebook have been published in Russia. The English translation, made by Bunin scholar Thomas Gaiton Marullo, was published (as Cursed Days. A Diary of the Revolution) in 1998 in the United States by Chicago-based Ivan R. Dee Publishers.АudioBook in Russian - Ivan Bunin - Cursed Days (Okayannye Dni) Subscribe and follow the novelties on the channel!If you do not find the audiobook on our channel, write your suggestions in the comments to any video.Claims of copyright, please send an e-mail [email protected]

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