Khalid Yasin

<span aria-label="Khalid Yasin - Where Are You Going? автор: One Islam Productions 7 років тому 1 година, 23 хвилини 403 043 перегляди">Khalid Yasin - Where Are You Going?


Where did we come from and where are we going, is the theme of this talk by Khalid Yasin. At the end of this lecture, Khalid Yasin ...

<span aria-label="Khalid Yasin lecture - Malcolm X автор: One Islam Productions 6 років тому 1 година, 18 хвилин 304 635 переглядів">Khalid Yasin lecture - Malcolm X


Forty years after the death of Malcolm X, his righteous influence is still motivating and influencing individuals all around the world ...