Origin - The aftermath (guitar cover)

Origin - The Aftermath Guitar Cover With Sweeps and Solos


Buy my new album here: This is me and my friend Hansi covering Origins The Aftermath off ...

origin - the aftermath (guitar cover)


sorry for mistakes. origin - the aftermath, from antithesis Tabs from www.riversofgore.com Gear Engl Savage 120 with 4x12box, ...

Origin-- The Aftermath guitar cover [HD] (Ibanez S7420 /Amplitube 3 Custom shop)


Ibanez S7420 Line6 Studio GX Amplitube 3 (custom shop preset) Sony Vegas Pro 12.

Origin - Aftermath 3 finger guitar cover


My handicapped cover of Origins Origin)

Origin- The Aftermath (guitar cover)


Me playing Origins The Aftermath. I taught this all to myself by ear, so pardon the fuckups. I play the rythm part for the second solo, ...

ORIGIN - on bass


Done by Ear updated . Tune B (not dropped) Bass: Spector NS JH-6 USA My bands: ...

Origin - The Aftermath - first lead (guitar cover)


Me playing the preeeetty fast lead part of Origins The Aftermath. The notes here sort of go in one line - you are playing them ...

Origin - The Aftermath on bass guitar


Not the best but its alright for a first take. *DONE BY EAR*

Origin - The Aftermath (Cover) Evgeny Novikov Alexander Strelnikov -


Our thanks to: Yuri Salnikov(Video and Mix), Max Novikov(Audio and Mix) My Zildjian Cymbals Set: 14” A Custom HiHats 16” A ...

Origin - Saligia (guitar cover)


Japan tour was awesome.